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MicroWiki:Safeguarding policy

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Microwiki shall provide links for children and adults to seek out help and support in their respective nations and regions. Everyone is entitled to a safe and engaging community, if you feel you are need of help or need to report something that makes you feel uncomfortable please follow this link, Child Helpline International. If you have any concerns or issues and need to report them to the MicroWiki Administration team, an email will be provided in the future.

On occasions where safeguarding has reached points of questioning of legality, all information will be shared with the proper authorities, all conversation regarding any safeguarding incident is strongly opposed to for the safety of those involved and any investigation.

Safeguarding Is

  • Doing no harm to any child or adult.
  • Avoid questions, attitudes or comments that are judgmental or insensitive to cultural values or status, that place a child in danger or expose a child or adult to humiliation.
  • Do not exchange personal contact information or ask for anyone’s personal information.
  • Do not give any confidential and critical information that could lead to a child or an adult being identified or traced.
  • We recommend using pseudonyms, not required but strongly suggested for the safety of everyone.

MicroWiki Staff

MicroWiki staff shall ensure all one-on-one online interactions between staff and children are transparent with important information that must be shared with identifying information removed to protect anyone, as well as being aware of the contents of the pdf provided and being aware of safeguarding policies and programs from around the world as well as constantly looking to better the policies and practices used in safeguarding, BSA Safeguarding Policies, this is one such example of information staff are required to read, information is always changing and will be updated accordingly.

Policy Updates

Microwiki shall update its safeguarding policies to reflect the new realities for children and micronationalists learning, playing, engaging in activities in the community every year and following any major incident in the community where policies were lacking.

These policies are up to date as of 29th of June 2021

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