Konraqi Revolution

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Konraqi Revolution
DateNovember 14, 2013

Revoluitionary victory

  • End of the Dictatorship of Yno de Wacht
  • Foundation of the Konraqi Council.
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Government of Viadalvian Hasanistan Green anarchist flag.png Revoluitionaries
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Yno de Wacht Green anarchist flag.png Stein Dros
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The Konraqi Revoluition was a revolution in Viadalvian Hasanistan.

The Revolution

In 2013, Yno de Wacht the Viceroy was viewed as ruling like a despot and the people did not want him as their ruler. They took to the streets in protest. The leader of the uprising, Stein Dros, declared a Revolution. Yno wanted to call the Royal Guard, but the Royal Guard supported the revolution. Konirijaq then become a democracy and founded a new legislature. The Konraqi Council replaced the Congress of Konraq. However, clashes continued in Konraq until it ended and peace was restored.