Konraqi Revolution

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Konraqi Revolution
Date November 14, 2013
Location Viadalvian Hasanistan
Result Revoluitionary victory
  • End of the Dictatorship of Ino De Wacht
  • Foundation of the Konraqi Council.
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Government of Viadalvian Hasanistan Green anarchist flag.png Revoluitionaries
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Ino De Wacht Green anarchist flag.png Stein Dros
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The Konraqi Revoluition was a revolution in Viadalvian Hasanistan.

The Revolution

In 2013, Ino De Wacht the Viceroy was viewed as ruling like a despot and the people did not want him as their ruler. They took to the streets in protest. The leader of the uprising, Stein Dros, declared a Revolution. Ino wanted to call the Royal Guard, but the Royal Guard supported the revolution. Konirijaq then become a democracy and founded a new legislature. The Konraqi Council replaced the Congress of Konraq. However, clashes continued in Konraq until it ended and peace was restored.