Kingdom of Ticronvidia

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Kingdom of Ticronvidia
Kîŋdêm ûv Tāīkrānvîdīyû (AERS)


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Viv’e Le Nouvel État
(French for “Long live the New State”)
Anthem: "Ticrenua Globun- Johann Gottfried Piefke" (orchestral)
Largest cityAugusta
Official languagesEnglish, Vlasynian, Alternative English Romanization System (AERS)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
EstablishmentDecember 17, 2017
• Census
~40 digital citizens
Currency100 shillings (₴) = 1 mark (₥)
Time zone-4
Preceded by
[[United States of America]]
Semi-Independent Duchy of Tequrovidea
Crown commonwealth of the Republic of Elysium
Member state of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation

The Fourth Kingdom of Ticronvidia, also known as the Ticronvidian Kingdom or the Kingdom of Ticronvidia and often referred to as Ticronvidia, is an self-declared autonomous territorial entity in Florida which claims to be a sovereign state however it is more commonly referred to as a micronation to the majority of people. Ticronvidia declared its independence as Titania on 17 December 2017. It started in a province now known as Oriagan. They have moved to a new area referred to as Ticrenia on 31 December 2017, before moving for a third time to what is now Zenaria, which contains the capital New Antê Nævius City, named after Antê Nævius City (also called Counrel, or Chondvel) on 24 February 2020. Since March 2021, it now operates more like a cyberstate than a proper micronation.


The name ‘Ticronvidia’ was a fusion of the name ‘Ticrenium’ and a imaginary province ‘Falconvidia’

'Ticronvidian' is the official demonym used to describe something belonging to Ticronvidia, this is also the demonym for someone from Ticronvidia.

Technically, 'Ticronvidia' can refer to the whole Kingdom, or to the sovereign state of Ticronvidia, which does not include the territories or sections; there is a small distinction between the two. 'Ticronvidia' is also the ac name for The Kingdom of Ticronvidia, which is often used by other nations in informal discussions and ease of communication.


Autocratic Era

The First Monarchy

Johannes Tyurukstein founded the Monarchy on December 17, 2017 under the name "Grand Democratic Monarchy of Titania" (or “Grand Titania”) and under the title "Oondi", but this title was short-lived. Along with the title, the monarchy was short-lived, but it lasted to get entered into the Intermicronational Union led by Tyler Skywalker of Skywalkistan.

The First Republic

Blade, with his new title, Blade Buzzsaw, made the republic after someone confused the republic with the monarchy. There isn't much to say about the First Republic, but one significent fact is that it made a alliance with Vlasynia, forming the Intermicronational League, a pinnacle and predecessor of the League of Micronations.

The Union

Due to forming other micronations, Blade united Imperium, Mysteria, Yakbir, and Zorono on February 23, 2018, making the First Titanist Union of Titania, Imperium, Mysteria, Yakbir, and Zorono. The Union wasn't the most properous, that would go to the current republic, but it was a nation with a long name. The union ended when Emperor Charles II of the United Imperial Empire showed him a map about his "claims" and it said "Titania" rather than "Titanist Union"

The Empire (Second Monarchy)

The Empire is indeed the most interesting time period in the Pre-Ticrenium era. This nation is why the LoMN (League of Micronations) has so many inactive members, and there was so many interesting things that happened, it got it's page deleted by the Kaiser (the 2nd time that happened...) and so much more.

The Despotate

Titania went through a major change in this era, it got a new identity, Ticrenium. Ticrenium was kinda new when it got attacked by the King of Huntly, luckily that never happened again. This is also the era when Ticrenium entered the world of Discord on August 18, 2018, where he found his new identity, Blade R. Jackson, Hayden of Paxia, and a working government, we'll get to that later. Name-changes happen, and this isn’t the only time this will happen.

The Imperium

Ticrenium changed it's name once again, to Ticronvidia. It didn't really do much, other than the fact that Blade stood up to Cameron when he was spamming the LoMN discord, during that era, it was pretty chill. This era ended when he got more members of his government.

The Democratic Era

The Second Republic

The Republic was born again when he invited more members to join via Discord. It was prosperous and had a working government, and political partys. It even had a person (Suyash) offer "federal elections". It was the end of an era, beginning of a new.

The Third Monarchy

This era started when the king thought “Why can this be more like a constitutional monarchy?”, and the third (the empire = the second monarchy) monarchy is born. During this era, Blade R. Jackson changed his name to Jahonnes Tyurukstein, and expanded rapidly.

Duchy under Cycoldia

Due to the signing of the Treaty of Chondevel the nation of Ticronvidia became a "Semi-Independent Duchy of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia", it was also renamed to Tequrovidea. Due to it being semi-independent all it is allowed to have a standing army, local currency, and still have its local laws included (While adding Cycoldian laws). Tequrovidea had been a duchy of Cycoldia for 4 months before declaring independence on December 12, 2019.

Duchy under Elysium

The Great Rebellion sparked a revival of a independent Ticronvidic/Tekronvodic state once again. The fourth monarchy revolted against Cycoldia and is now a crown commonwealth of the Elysiumite republic. It also renamed to Tekronvodia, then changed the name back to Ticronvidia via vote. Jahonnes renamed to Johannes. On 17 July 2021, Johannes, now Immanuel, abdicated in favour of Sean Dunkerque, who became Jordan I.

Government and Politics

The king is the head of state, which enforce orders. The prime minister is the head of the government, which carry out orders from the king. The royal advisor advise the king. The Chief Justice handle cases in court.

Jordan I is a constitutional monarch, with power being granted to the Crown. Jordan I is the head of the state as the Monarch and holds all executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He can not be held responsible to any members of the government as it is a constitutional monarchy, under his ruling.

There are 3 branches of the government, the Executive, led by the king, which enforces the law, the Legislative, led by the Speaker of Grand Parliament, which make laws, and the Judicial, led by the Chief Justice, which review and interpret the law.

There are currently 5 parties in Ticronvidia, the Progressive Party of Ticronvidia, the Nationalist Democrats of Ticronvidia, the Social Democratic Party of Ticronvidia, the Yednist Party of Ticronvidia, and the Pirate Party of Ticronvidia.

Law and order

The Executive Branch make a policing system, and if someone disobeys the law, he/she has the right to be arrested and brought to court. The period between arrest and trial must be 10 days, and is to be brought to the judges, set up by the Chief Justice. If the defendant is found not guilty, then the judges must let him go. If the defendant is found guilty, the following three punishments should be enforced, either a fine, time in jail or prison (depending on the crime), or expulsion from the state. The defendant also has the right to remain silent.

Foreign relations

Ticronvidia recognizes the Sovereignty of these states, however, has not engaged in formal diplomacy. Recognition of these Sovereign states does not equate to diplomacy including the signing of formal documents.

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Full foreign relations and treaties signed

Informal relations

Recognition refused

Recognition revoked

International organization participation

  • United Micronational Committee (member state)
  • Global Micronational Council (non-member observer state)


The Military of Ticronvidia really only has one branch, the Army. Since the nation is landlocked, the Army protects and defends the land of Ticronvidia.

Conflicts Involved

Titanian-Maldonian War

They had gained independence peacefully, so the first conflict they were involved in was the conflict with the Fascist Empire of Maldonia, on January 16, 2018, but Ticronvidia hadn’t fought, because Joe Wade had been overthrown by President Yelovek. The Justification was that Jahonnes claimed to have control over all of Colorado, and that set Joe off.

D***landia v. League War

On April 22, 2018, the user named Nightmeir on MicroNations Fandom made a request to join the League of Micronations. He was turned down for having a inappropriate micronation name, so he declared war on the League, Titanist Union included. A variety of insults and war declarations from both sides followed the next day. The user’s brother changed the name to Empire of Frei, but it was too late. He had been banned on April 24, 2018, two days after he declared war on the League.

Ticrenian-Huntlish War

On July 30, 2018, a user by the name of King Finkle XVII verbally attacked the King, who was know at the time as Supreme Leader Blade Buzzsaw. A number of members joined in, as in Petru of Libertia, Charles II of the UIE, and Miro of Felzand. The thread is still on Micronations Fandom, you can read about it here.

The Morian Rebellion

In Discord, on March 21, 2019, a rebellion broke out in Ticronvidia, led by Chancellor Ceaser, now Blade Goldmore the Sith. Ticronvidia is victorious with Ceaser making Ceaseria, a pinnacle to the United Miderian Empire, and Ticronvidia annexing Moria, making the now defunct Moriæ.

The Stinoculous v. League war

Somewhere in mid-July, The Archduchy of Pennsylvania declared war on the United Empire of Stinocolus. Then the league joined against Stinocolus and after it ended. Jahonnes wasn’t happy, and declared war on Stinoculous, hence commencing the Crowns War.

The Crowns War

On July 21, 2019, Ticronvidia, Nottingham and Pennsylvania, a duchy under the UIE, declared war on Stinoculous. It ended with Max submitting and the formation of the Dominion of Stinocolus under the now infamous Nottingham-Stinoculous Empire.

The Great Revolution

On December 12, 2019, Ticronvidia (then called ‘The Self-Independent Duchy of Tequrovidea’) had declared independence from Cycoldia, and renamed to Tekronvodia. Royal Advisor Suyash Adhikari responded with “As Interim Prime Minister and Head of the Government, I would like to announce the Kingdom of Tekronvodia's independence from the Imperial Power of Cycoldia, Though we may still pursue friendly pursue relations with Cycoldia, we are no longer their subjects! Instead we intend to join the Elysium Federation, one where all micronations that join are equal in this federation. The joining of the federation has been collaborately decided by Me, King Jahonnes, and Emperor Robert of Elysium. I would also like to congratulate the King, for overthrowing the Imperialists of Cycoldia and establishing and Ticronvidic/Tekronvodic State Once Again!”. King Jahonnes responded with the motto; ‘Viv’e Le Nouvel État’, which meant ‘Long Live The New State’, marking a new era. On December 12, 2020, the people of Ticronvidia, the King, and the Elysiumite government has celebrated their one year anniversary of their liberation.

Minor wars

The Matachewo-Ticronvidian wars

These happened on April 20, to 21 on 2019. These ended with the treaties of Blade and New Poznań.

The Ticronvidian Civil War

John made a succession movement called the 4th Constitutional Monarchy of Ticronvidia, on March 27, 2019. It was deleted very soon after.

Geography and climate

Since the country is mainly located in Florida, the temperature in the summer can reach up to 100 degrees. In the winter, it drops to 40-60 degrees. The weather can be very humid during the summer, and rain chances top 40%.


Ticronvidia is a capitalist state, which means that the trade and industry is collected by private owners, and not the state. There is currently no national bank, other than the national GDP is around $160.

Culture and media

The Culture of Ticronvidia is pretty interesting. It combines elements of Elysium, Vlasynia, Etukan, Cycoldia, and itself. Most of the population live in the U.S. and are Christian.


The country’s youth is educated by the College of Ticronvidian Youths, which has 5 classes which are 30~50 minutes long.


English is a main language in Ticronvidia, everyone speaks it. The king and the citizen’s both understand the English grammar and speak it fluently, therefore it is a official language.

Vlasynian is also a official language, because the country has always been influenced by Vlasynia since the Despotate. Vlasynia has been one of the first allies of Ticronvidia, therefore it is a official language.

Alternative English Romanization System (or AERS for short) isn’t a language per se, but it is a writing system, thus is close enough to be a “official language” of Ticronvidia.

The Press

The main newspaper of Ticronvidia is Elysium’s newspaper “The Imperialist”, although Ticronvidia was mentioned as “Tequrovidea” in the Grandeur Print.

The Arts

Back when The Great Rebellion was going on, then prime minister Nickolas Lokin had sent a piece of propaganda of Ticronvidiaball, then called Tekronvodiaball, standing on a hill with a Ticronvidian flag waving with the motto #StandForTekronvodia, reminiscent of a Twitter tag.


1 January - New Year’s

14 February - Valentines Day/Love Day

23 May - Hoax Day

1-30 June - Pride Month

4 July - America Day

6 July - King’s Day

1 August - Maria’s Day of Honor

7 August - ÆRS Appreciation Day

12 December - Jour De La Rébellion

15 December - Randouler’s Day

17 December - Independence Day

17 December - Alimian-Titanian Friendship Day

25 December - Christmas

31 December - New Year’s Eve


All the flags you see below are designed by William Atkins of Astovia, except the flags of Posca and Von Trini, which have been designed by the king, Jahonnes.

LGBTQ+ rights

Ticronvidia has a friendly LGBT environment, guaranteed by the king and his people.

Category Fourth Kingdom of Ticronvidia
Same-sex sexual activity Yes
Equal age of consent Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas No
Hate crime laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes
Anti-hate speech legislation No
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) Yes
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage) Yes
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Homosexuals allowed to serve openly in the military Yes
Transsexuals allowed to serve openly in the military Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians Yes
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood Yes

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