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City of Kābī
(Latin) Citivas Kābī
Flag of the City of Kābī.jpeg
Coat of Arms of the City of Kābī.png
Coat of Arms

Languages spoken English and Latin

Area 919.74 square meters

Mayor Mayor Jason Thomas

Foundation 21 September 2019
Website Under construction

Kābī is the largest city in the Norfolk Empire and the Duchy of Seekeria.


The word “Kābī”, or カービィ, is name after the popular video game character Kirby in Japanese[1].



After Jason Thomas passed the citizenship test and filled out the citizenship form on 21 September 2019, he officialy became a citizen of the Norfolk Empire. Then he annexed a small area of land, about 919.74m2, for the Norfolk Empire. The new land is too small to be a Duchy or a State, so Jason Thomas declared the territory a City. To be more specific, he named the new settlement the “City of Kābī”, which is the Japanese name for Kirby, a video game character started in the 1990’s. The city consists of a former American backyard and canal. The City of Kābī gave the Norfolk Empire its first water territory, which takes up most of the most of the territory. This is very exciting because the Navy could then operate in the canal, which had been named Osen Canal, and citizens can fish in the area. Jason Thomas was chosen to be the Mayor of the new city by the Duke of the Duchy of Seekeria, which is what Jason Thomas wanted the city to be a part of.


The City of New Kābī’s current Mayor is Jason Thomas.


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