City of Hirntot

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City of Hirntot
(German) Stadt von Hirntot
Flag of the City of Hirntot.jpeg
Coat of Arms of the City of Hirntot.png
Coat of Arms

Languages spoken English

Area 5.3 square meters

Mayor Mayor Emmett Winters

Foundation 14 July 2019
Website Under construction

Hirntot is the smallest city in the Duchy of Bitty Ridge by population and size.


The word “hirntot” means “braindead” in German.



On 14 July 2019, after Emmett Winters passed the citizenship test and filled out the citizenship form, he officialy became a citizen of the Norfolk Empire. Then he annexed a small area of land, only about 5.3m2, for the Norfolk Empire. The new land is too small to be a Duchy or a State, so Emmett Winters declared the territory a City. To be more specific, he named the new settlement the "City of Hirntot", which is German for Braindead. No one was able to ask Emmett Winters about the name of the city, but it is thought that it is named after 2016 CBS political comedy "Braindead". The city consists of a former American game room and kitchen, which the Norfolk Empire will not have a lot of control over, just because Americans use the land more the Norish citizens do. Emmett Winters was chosen to be the Mayor of the new city by the Duke and Duchess of Bitty Ridge.


The City of Hirntot is controlled by the Mayor of the City. The current Mayor is Emmett Winters.