High Court of the Norfolk Empire

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High Court of the Norfolk Empire
Emblem of the High Court of the Norfolk Empire.png
Established30 August 2019
JurisdictionNorfolk Empire
LocationNew Tenochtitlan
CompositionBy nomination of the Emperor
Authorized byConstitution
Term lengthNone
Chief Justice
IncumbentHon. Chief Justice Tammy Norfolk
Since30 Aug 2019
Term endN/A

The High Court of the Norfolk Empire is the highest court in the court system of the Norfolk Empire and the final court of appeal. It has jurisdiction & powers of judicial review over laws passed by the House of Commons and deals with matters of Treason. The High Court is mandated by Article two section two of the Constitution, which vests in it the highest non-royalty judicial stature in the Norfolk Empire.

Role of the court

Under the Constitution of the Norfolk Empire, the High Court has original jurisdiction in all matters:

  • Arising under any treaty
  • Affecting consuls or other representatives of other countries
  • In which treason is involved
  • Any crime that is not a petty crime