Duchy of Seekeria

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Duchy of Seekeria (eng)
Ducado de Buscadoridad (spa)
Coat of arms
Motto: Fortune favours the bold
Anthem: None
Map of the Norfolk Empire July 2019(2).png
The Norfolk Empire within the United States of America. Click to expand.
Largest cityAileen (by population)
Kābī (by size)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSemi-parliamentary monarchy
• Duke
HRM Duke Iyan Seeker I
LegislatureNo legislature has been called yet
Establishment21 July 2019
• Census
Citizens: 4
Residents: 3
CurrencyNorish valora
Time zoneGMT-4
No website yet

The Duchy of Seekeria (/ˈseekeria/ˈsikəriə) was the largest subdivision of the Norfolk Empire. It is surrounded by the American State of Florida.

The Duchy of Seekeria is a Semi-parliamentary monarchy, under the Norfolk Empire, with HG Duke Iyan Seeker I as the head of government and state. The population of the Duchy of Seekeria is currently only four and the largest city is Kābī. The Duchy of Seekeria has two official languages English and Spanish.


The word "Seekeria" is derived from founder HG Duke Iyan Seeker's last name.



On 15 July 2019, after HG Duke Iyan Seeker I passed the citizenship test and filled out the citizenship form, he officially became a citizen of the Norfolk Empire. Then he annexed a very large area of land, which is about 42.6m2, for the Norfolk Empire. The new land was too large to be a city or a town, so Iyan Seeker declared the territory a Duchy. To be more specific, he named the new settlement the “Duchy of Seekeria”, which was named after his last name. The size of the Duchy of Seekeria is a little bit larger than half of the area of the Norfolk Empire before it was annexed. The Duchy of Seekeria brought the size of the Norfolk Empire up to 126.5m2. The Duchy of Seekeria consisted of two former American households and has a population of three citizens and three residents. Iyan Seeker was chosen to be the Duke of the Duchy of Seekeria by HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I and HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I, who is a good friend of HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I. The capital and, at the time, only city in the Duchy of Seekeria was the City of Aileen, which is named after famous children's book author Aileen Fisher.


The Duchy of Bitty Ridge only has one city, the City of Aileen.

Flag Seal Name Annexed Population Official(s)
Flag of the City of Aileen.jpeg
Coat of Arms of the City of Aileen.png
Aileen 15 July 2019 3 HG Duke Iyan Seeker I
Flag of the City of Kābī.jpeg
Coat of Arms of the City of Kābī.png
Kābī 22 September 2019 1 Mayor Jason Thomas



The Duchy of Seekaria has the exact population of three. The average age of a citizen of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge is 36 years.


English and Spanish are the most commonly spoken languages in the Duchy of Seekaria, known and used daily by the entire Population.


General Culture

Spanish Culture and American Culture have a large effect on the Duchy of Seekeria. Some citizens enjoy playing Video Games.

Citizens enjoy listening to Pop. Spanish cuisine is also very popular among citizens.


The Duchy of Seekeria does not have an official religion that is recognized by the government, but 100% of the citizens are members of Christianity, 100% w:Catholic.

Article Eight of the Constitution of the Norfolk Empire states that the “Parliament, the Prime Minister, or the Royal Family shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This article allows any citizen of the Duchy of Seekeria to have the freedom of religion.


The Duchy of Seekeria currently does not have an economy or any industries.