National symbols of the Norfolk Empire

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This article lists notable national symbols of the Norfolk Empire.


Flag of Norfolk Empire
See adjacent text.
Flag of Norfolk Empire
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion ~16:9 (871:579)
Adopted 25 June 2019
Design A "blue and white background with the Aztec glyphs for Texcoco, Tenochtitlan, and Tlacopan."
Designed by HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I

The national flag of the Norfolk Empire, known as the Pāmitl is the flag used to represent the country and its people. The current flag was designed by HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I.

The flag of the Norfolk Empire is currently flown anywhere, but a paper version of the flag could soon be flying somewhere in the District of New Tenochtitlan.

Coat of arms

Coat of Arms of the Norfolk Empire
ArmigerHouse of Norfolk
Adopted25 June 2019
CrestLaurel wreath
EscutcheonDoubling: 1st the Aztec glyph for Tenochtitlan and 2nd two doves and a crown.
SupportersUnchained dogs sand brown

The coat of arms of the Norfolk Empire was created on 25 June 2019 by HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I.

The shield in the centre of the coat of arms is doubled, . The first quadrant represents the Aztec culture in the Norfolk Empire and the second quadrant represents a peaceful monarchy. The crest of the shield, a laurel wreath, also represents the imperial nature of the Norish Monarchy.

The shield has as its supporters two unchained three-legged dogs to remember Parker Keourac, the Patron Saint of the Norfolk Empire. The motto beneath the shield, JUSTITO, REĜECO, AZTEKO ("Justice, Royalty, Aztec"), is an adaptation of the motto of the Norfolk Empire, “Justito, Reĝeco, kaj Aztekoj” (Justice, Royalty, and Aztecs).

National animals

The Dove is the national animal of the Norfolk Empire, named as such on 25 June 2019 to represent peace in the Norfolk Empire. Following in the examples of several U.S. states, other cultural symbols were also designated Norish symbols. The Patron Saint of the Norfolk Empire is Parker Keourac, the National Sport is Bowling, the National Dish is French Toast, the National Drink is a Banana Smoothie, and the National Cryptid is the Kraken.

Sub-national flags and coats of arms