Prime Minister of the Norfolk Empire

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Prime Minister of the
Norfolk Empire
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg
HG Iyan Seeker I

since 17 September 2019
StyleHis Grace
Member ofParliament
ResidenceAileen, Seekeria
Term lengthTwo months
Formation18 July 2019
DeputyHRM Duke Roger Bluetoski I
SalaryV1,887,161.80 per term [1]

The Prime Minister of the Norfolk Empire is the head of government of the Norfolk Empire. The Prime Minister is elected by the citizens of the Norfolk Empire in a General Election, held no more regularly than every two months, on a date specified by the Monarch.

The first Prime Minister of the Norfolk Empire is Duchess Dorothy Norfolk I. She was elected as the Prime Minister in the 1st General Election of the Norfolk Empire and was appointed on 18 July 2019.

Constitutional role

Under the Constitution, the Monarch or their oldest presumptive heir may not be Prime Minister; this law is to ensure that a member of the House of Norfolk will not be able to have more power than they already have.

The main role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the activities of the House of Commons.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and Subdivisions
Term of office Other offices held Party Deputy Prime Minister Monarch
1 Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge.png Her Royal Majesty
Duchess Dorothy Norfolk I
MP for the 1st District of Bitty Ridge
18 July
Incumbent Green-Republican Party HRM Duke Roger Bluetoski I HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I
1st General Election
First female Prime Minister and the Duchess of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge.
2 ISP.jpeg His Grace
Duke Iyan Seeker I
MP for the 1st District of Seekeria
18 September
Incumbent Green-Republican Party N/A
2nd General Election
First male Prime Minister and the Duke of the Duchy of Seekeria.


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