Norish Green-Republican Party

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Norish Green-Republican Party
LeaderHRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I
ChairmanHRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I
Founded25 June 2019
Membership (June 2019)4
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Fiscal Centrism
Political positioncenter-left
Slogan"Protekti Demokratio kaj la Mondo" Esperanto for "Protect Democracy and the World"
3 / 4
Prime Minister
1 / 1
Dukes and Duchesses
4 / 5

The Green-Republican Party was a political party in the Norfolk Empire. Originally established by HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I as the first political party in the Norfolk Empire.


The Green-Republican supports Environmentalist-lead initiatives, democracy, elections for the House of Commons, racial, gender, and pay equality, and economic initiatives that treat everyone equal.


Current membership of the Green-Republican Party Board

Name Portrait Member since Notes
HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I Cooper Norfolk Picture.jpeg 25 June 2019 Party Leader, chairman, and Prince of the Norfolk Empire