Duchy of Saeftinghe

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Duchy of Saeftinghe (Dutch) Hertogdom Flauma
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
Location: Netherlands
Language: Dutch (Belgium)
Leader: Duke Jürgen of Bruggia
Micronation: Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

The Duchy of Saeftinghe was part of the Flandrensisian Overseas Territory. It was formerly known as the Colony of Saeftinghe and was renamed after the constitutional reforms in 2010. Saeftinghe was disbanded on 30 April 2016 when Flandrensis decided to remove their overseas territories.


The Duchy of Saeftinghe was original the territory of the Belgian micronation the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe. After the Poaching Conflict, the founder surrendered his territory to the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. On September 1, 2009, Flandrensis founded the Colony of Saeftinghe, later renamed to the Duchy of Saeftinghe.

The Duchy of Saeftinghe is located in a national park in the Netherlands, just outside Belgian borders. The territory of the Duchy of Saeftinghe is not the same as the park, but is an old mediaval village. In 1570 the village disappeared in a flood, but if it is low tide, the ruins are still visible.


The Duchy of Flauma has a form of autonomy, but is loyal to the government of Flandrensis and it’s constitution. The Flandrensisian Parliament appointed Marquis Jürgen of Bruggia as the first governor, and later as Duke of Saeftinghe. He’s the Minister of Defence in Flandrensis and member of the nationalist NPF.



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