Poaching Conflict

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The Poaching Conflict
Date: 21 August 2009 – 31 August 2009
Place: Belgium
 Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Thomas.jpg Principality of Old-Saeftinghe


Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Niels I of Flandrensis

Thomas.jpg Prince Thomas of Old-Saeftinghe

The poaching conflict was a state of cold war between the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe. It is known to have been the first crisis between two Dutch micronations.

The whole started when Prince Thomas, founder of Oud-Saetinghe, sent e-mails to citizens of Flandrensis asking them to join his micronation. This resulted in a furious intermicronational response, that condemned his actions. Particularly, the word poaching, a term used as an answer to the Principality, became the keyword of the whole issue.

Reason of the conflict

Prince Thomas founded the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe (Dutch: Prinsdom Oud-Saeftinghe) the 3rd of August 2009, based on the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis as an example. About a week later after the foundation, the two nations recognised each other and Prince Thomas became a citizen of Flandrensis. However, eleven days later, on the 21st of August 2009, Prince Thomas sent an e-mail to all citizens of Flandrensis in Dutch saying the following:

To all citizens of Flandrensis,

I’m Thomas C. and since last week I’m also a citizen of this ‘ridiculous nation’. I found information about the existence of this micronation on the internet and I immediately created my own micronation: the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe. Thereafter I became a citizen of Flandrensis…

Come on, I don’t take Flandrensis serious. A monarchy with a Marxist party, Frumorcians or what that they may be for a party, … Look again to the photos of your politicians, do you have trust in those people?

Therefore I found the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe, a BETTER nation with a BETTER governance!

So take the fate in your own hands, resist against this ‘government’ of yours! All Flandrenses citizens are free to become a citizen of the Principality of Old-Saeftinghe! Website: http://www.het-prinsdom-oud-saeftinghe.webs.com/

A Greet,

Prince Thomas

It was later revealed that the main purpose of this mail was to start an uprising against the Government of Flandrensis and to later absorb all citizens from the defunct Flandrensis to the new Old-Saeftinghe, referred as the BETTER nation. Several citizens, however, reported this e-mail to the authorities of the Grand Duchy, and some of them even answered directly to him. The Government of Flandrensis, of course, did not tolerate his actions.

Banned from Flandrensis

The Government of Flandrensis was on that moment on vacation but a citizen warned Grand Duke Niels by telephone. The rest of the Flandrenses Government was contacted too: Hein of Giddis and Jürgen of Bruggia were contacted by telephone while other senators received a notification on the internet. After a short meeting they decided, based on articles 2,16bis and 5,7 of the Flandrensis constitution, to ban Thomas C. from Flandrensis and deprive him of the Flandrenses citizenship for attempting an uprise against the Government and intentionally damage the State.

The spies inquiry

Days later the FSIS, who was already on guard after the previous events, started investigating on a citizens that was doing suspicious actions. It was later discovered that the suspect was an infiltrator. A week before the events, the subject asked citizenship and nobility to the Grand Duchy, and was given the name of Baron Jeroen of Ledda. It was later found out that his real name was Kenny H.. He was Duke of Casuwele and obviously, citizen of the Principality of Oud-Saeftinghe. He received the same sort as Prince Thomas: immediately banned, deprived his citizenship and of his noble title.


The FSIS discovered later that Duke Kenny of Casuwele previously tried to hack the computer of Minister Hein of Giddis. After warning his that the Government would have reported him to the eCops, Duke Kenny releases an official apology to the Grand Duchy, as he has been already indicted in the past for Internet vandalism. Furthermore, he left Oud-Saeftinghe.

Demands of Prince Thomas

On 25 August 2009 Prince Thomas of Oud-Saeftinghe sent again an email to all Flandrensis citizens with these demands:

  • Flandrensis will become a vassal from Oud-Saeftinghe
  • The Senate and Government of Flandrensis will be dissolved
  • The claim of Siple Island will be given to prince Thomas
  • All Flandrensis citizens will become citizens from Oud-Saeftinghe
  • Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis will abdicate

Prince Thomas crowned himself on 26 August as second Grand Duke of Flandrensis, title that none yet have recognized officially. After the e-mail, the Government of Flandrensis was given a limited amount of time to respond and follow demands (1 September of this year), otherwise the Principality of Oud-Saeftinghe will declare war to the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.

Official statement of Flandrensis

Statement from the Grand Duke of Flandrensis

I can say with full certainty that I and the Government of Flandrensis have the full support of all our citizens! Even our vassal, the Principality of Arkel has denied a proposal of Prince Thomas for a secret alliance.

As member of the Union Against Micronational War we have only act diplomatically! But they have trying to start a revolt in Flandrensis, Poaching, send an infiltrator in Flandrensis, tried to hack the computer of our Prime Minister and now he crown himself as Grand Duke of Flandrensis and he will start a war against Flandrensis if we don’t accept his demands! This is the official statement of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis:

We will not accept any demands from the Principality of Oud-Saeftinghe and after their criminal actions (hacking and infiltrator) against us we will do everything to defend Flandrensis and our citizens. It is very simple, Prince Thomas wants the total collapse/destruction of Flandrensis!


On 31 August, a day before the end of the ultimatum, Prince Thomas contacted the Government of Flandrensis. Through an unexpected turn in the conflict between the two nations, Prince Thomas of Oud-Saeftinghe has asked Flandrensis to start negotiations. By coincidence, the two heads of state meet each other and Prince Thomas

End of the conflict

In the evening of 31st Agust 2009 the conflict official ended, by coincidence the two leaders meet each other. Prince Thomas had challenged the Grand Duke of Flandrensis, and when he recognized him on street he believed that he actually accepted it. When Grand Duke Niels came home he received an e-mail from Oud-Saeftinghe. Prince Thomas surrendered all his land to Flandrensis with a formal apologize, the Principality of Oud-Saeftinghe has been disbanned and Prince Thomas withdrawed from micronationalism. The surrendered land would be the Colony of Saeftinghe, later renamed in the Duchy of Saeftinghe.

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