Duchy of Caledon

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Duchy of Caledon


Coat of arms
Country Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Overseas Territory Flandrensian Overseas Territory
Established 22 June 2009
Disbanded 30 April 2016
 - Duke Duke Hein of Giddis
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC0)
 - Summer (DST) British Summer Time (UTC+1)

The Duchy of Caledon was part of the Flandrensian Overseas Territory. It was formerly known as the Crown Colony of Flandrensis and the Duchy of Flauma, it was renamed after the constitutional reforms in 2011. Caledon was disbanded on 30 April 2016 when Flandrensis decised to remove their overseas territories.


The Duchy of Caledon was only 1 square and located in a national park in the Scottish Highlands. The founder of Flandrensis bought this piece of land on 24 July 2008 (before he started with micronationalism) to support the conservation of the Scottish environment. On 22 June 2009 he decided to use this piece of land to found the first colony of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.


The Duchy of Caledon had a form of autonomy, but loyal to the government of Flandrensis and it’s constitution. Viscount Hein of Giddis was the first governor, and later the Duke of Caledon. He was the Prime Minister of Flandrensis and formal leader of the nationalist NPF. Together with his title as Duke he was also the Grandmaster of the Holy Military Order of Saint Polycarpus.

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