CITIES Act (Silofais)

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CITIES Act of 2017
Seal of the National Assembly
TitleAN ACT to provide for the establishment, dissolution, merger, powers, rights and duties of cities; to make them purposeful; and for similar purposes.
Short TitleCommunities Incorporating Territory and Increasing Extroverted Synergy Act of 2017
CITIES Act of 2017
Enrolled during1st National Assembly
MSLC CitationCITIES Act SIL P 2017
Legislative history
Passed by Chamber of Delegates10 July 2017
by unrecorded voice vote
Signed by President10 July 2017
by President Horatio Eden[1]
Promulgated by Chief Secretary21 July 2017
by Chief Secretary Andrew Bevolo[2]
Related legislationElections Act of 2017
Status: Current legislation

The CITIES Act of 2017 is an act of the National Assembly of the Republic of Silofais. Promulgated into law by Chief Secretary Andrew Bevolo on the 21 July, 2017, following the signature of President Horatio Eden on the 10th of July, the bill a class of subnational body called 'cities'.

As opposed to traditional municipal services, such as police or road construction, Silofaisan cities are meant and designed to "provide a means by which Citizens living in physical proximity of each other may organize themselves effectively".[3]


Pursuant to the act, a set of six or more Silofaisan citizens living within reasonable geographical proximity of each other may sign and file a Petition of Incorporation with the Chief Secretary. Upon receipt of it, the Chief Secretary verifies it and, if all the requirements are satisfactorily met, incorporates the city formally by a decree.

Cities are political corporations governed by a three-member city council, and do have a degree of autonomy within their own city limits. They may pass ordinances and levy taxes for the purpose of governing and, more specifically, in order to meet the goal set out in Section 2 of the act. To wit:

The purpose of this Act is to provide a means by which Citizens living in physical proximity of each other may organize themselves effectively, in order to—

(a) Foster among them—

(i) Personal friendships and camaraderie.
(ii) A shared sense of connection and allegiance to the Republic of Silofais.
(iii) A recognizable, active and admirable culture of—
(1) The whole nation of Silofais.
(2) The distinct societal or geographical subdivisions of Silofais.

(b) Give well an intrinsic motivation for active, thoughtful and willful participation in—

(i) The governance of Silofais;
(ii) The social or civic activities of their locality; and
(iii) All other duties proper and necessary of a good Citizen.

(c) Provide a clear and easy path to Silofaisan naturalization for any foreign person who have a good-faith reason to become a Citizen.

— CITIES Act of 2017, Section 2[4]


The act also provides for the methods by which two cities would merge with each other, or a city would be dissolved should it cease to satisfy certain legal requirements of incorporation.

Legislative history

National Assembly

At a regular sitting held on July 9, 2017, the bill was passed by an unrecorded voice vote and then presented to the President.

President and Chief Secretary

President Eden signed the bill on the 10th of July, 2017, and Chief Secretary Bevolo promulgated it on the 21st, upon which it took effect as law.

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