Mercian by-election, August 2016

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August 2016 by-election in Loringia

2016 ←
29 March 2012 (2012-03-29) → 2016

Candidate Baroness Sophia Albina Baron Draxe Baron Gunderson
Party Green-Socialist_Party NLP Peoples_Democratic_Party

A map of West Yorkshire with black lines dividing the area into irregular shapes

A map of Loringia.

MP before election

Baron Billbrough

Subsequent MP

Baron Gunderson

The 29th March-5th April August 2016 By-Election to the Mercian Parliament House, occuring in the voting ranges of Loringia, Kernollond and Wibertsherne, was caused by a series of events regarding to retirement of several individuals from Mercian politics or micronationalism as a whole.

Three seats were suddenly open for election because of Baron Billbrough (from Loringia) dropping out for inactivity, Baron Ó Cathail (from Kernollond) no longer wanting to remain in Mercian politics, and Earl Clark (from Wibertsherne) leaving the community. Kernollond had only one candidate run, Marquis Alex Wagner from the NLP. The two other seats were contested. In Wibertsherne, Count Frisch ran as an Independent National Liberal against Baron William Harland-Hackenschmidt representing the PDP. In Loringia, there were three candidates. Baroness Sophia Albina represented the GSP, Baron Ned Gunderson represented the PDP, and Baron James Draxe represented the NLP.


Campaigning was done primarily in the province of Loringia, where three candidates contested a single seat. A debate with the three Loringian candidates (with Baron Whyatt in place of Baron Gunderson) was held a couple days before the election.


In the end, Marquis Wagner of the National Liberal Party was elected in Kernollond unopposed with 100% of the vote. Voter turnout was 50%. In Loringia: Baron Gunderson of the People's Democratic Party was elected with the primary vote, winning 66% of the vote. Voter turnout was 56%. Lastly, in Wibertsherne: Baron Harland-Hackenschmidt of the People's Democratic Party has been elected with the primary vote, winning 60% of the vote. Voter turnout was 71%. This resulted in the PDP getting a plurality in Mercian Parliament. However, since they only reached 5 seats, they continued their coalition with the Green Socialist Party.