James Thomas Draxe

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His Eminence
James Thomas Draxe
Bishop of Artifax

Grand Duke of the Storm Islands
Crowned July 27, 2016
Predecessor none
Successor Incumbent
Synod Representative of the Mercian Christian Church
Appointed August 11, 2016
Predecessor Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
Successor His Lordship Richard I
Bishop of Artifax
Ordination August 6, 2016
Predecessor Inaugural holder
Successor Incumbent
Noble House House of Draxe
Born 1994 (age 28–29)
Religion Protestant Christianity (Reformed)
Coat of Arms of James Thomas Draxe
MottoRegnum Christi veniat
The Kingdom of Christ is coming
Other elementsTraditional Green Hat of a Bishop in the Mercian Christian Church

James Thomas Draxe is a nobleman and Reformed minister who is the hereditary Grand Duke of the Storm Islands, a bunch of tiny, barren and unappealing rocks in the Atlantic Ocean. He is the current head of the Draxe family.

He found his vocation as a minister while serving as the Bishop of Artifax in the Mercian Christian Church. In Mercia, Draxe also had a political career, being active in the National Liberal Party and serving in the government as the Synod Representative and later as the minister for Culture. His time in Mercia was characterised by a strong focus on maintaining Mercia's traditional christian heritage, something that was undermined by an influx of liberal lgbt+ activists. He stood for parliament in the Loringia by-election, but lost this election following a pact made by the socialist and liberal opposition parties. Draxe attributes the subsequent decline of Mercia's activity to the erosion of christian values.

Although the Mercian Christian Church is largely defunct, Draxe continues to hold the title of Bishop of Artifax, stressing that the title should not be taken to imply apostolic succession, but is rather a honorific title.