James Thomas Draxe

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His Eminence
James Thomas Draxe
Bishop of Artifax

Grand Duke of the Storm Islands
Crowned July 27, 2016
Predecessor none
Successor Incumbent
Synod Representative of the Mercian Christian Church
Appointed August 11, 2016
Predecessor Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
Successor Incumbent
Bishop of Artifax
Ordination August 6, 2016
Predecessor Inaugural holder
Successor Incumbent
Noble House House of Draxe
Born 1994
Religion Christianity (Mercian Christian Church )
Coat of Arms of James Thomas Draxe
Adopted 2016
Motto Regnum Christi veniat
The Kingdom of Christ is coming
Other elements Traditional Green Hat of a Bishop in the Mercian Christian Church

James Thomas Draxe is a Mercian Nobleman, Bishop of Artifax in the Mercian Christian Church and the current head of the Draxe family. Aside from his Mercian citizenship, he is heriditary Grand Duke of the Storm Islands, a bunch of tiny, barren and unappealing rocks in the Atlantic Ocean.