Arkels gulden

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Arkel(se) gulden
Official User(s) Principality of Arkel
Symbol G or
Plural Arkelse gulden
Denominations G5, G10, G25, G50
Central Bank Centrale Bank van Arkel
Printer Centrale Bank van Arkel

The Arkel gulden is the offical currency of the Principality of Arkel. The value is G1=€1. All banknotes are hand-made.


In total, there are four banknotes, which all have the same measures: 13x7 cm. On all the banknotes is a picture of the Prince on the background.


The colour is green. The background is filled with pictures of diving pinguins. On the frontside is a picture of the Emperor Pinguin, or Aptenodytes forsten in Latin.


The colour is blue. On the background are pictures of Antarctic icebergs. The frontside has a picture of Norwegian pole-explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928).


The colour is orange. On the background there are pictures of Gorinchem, a city which formed the 'hub' of the medieval Arkel family. The frontside has a picture of medieval Gorinchem, made by Joan Blaeu.


The colour is yellow. On the background there are pictures of the Linge river, with 108 kilometers the longest river fully on Dutch territorium. The pictures are taken in Gorinchem and Heukelum. The frontside has a map where the river is located in The Netherlands.


Currently, there are no coins. The Central Bank is working on this.

Pay with other currencies

Shops are obligatory to accept the Flandri as well. The euro is not obligatory to accept, but it is not illegal. Using other currencies is not allowed, besides in the bureaux de change of the Central Bank. It is illegal, but there is no punishment on this issue, the government gedoogs this.