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2009 (MMIX)[a] was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2009th year of the anno Domini (AD) and Common Era (CE) designations, the ninth year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the tenth and last year of the 2000s decade. Marking the fourth year since MicroWiki's initial foundation, 2009 began in the Foundation Era in the history of the MicroWiki community until 29 January, when began the Conflict Era (until 2 August) and ended in the Lethler Era. Nicknamed the year of conception, 2009 (alongside 2008) is often regarded as an historically significant year for developing the "modern community" of MicroWiki, and oversaw some significant events during the year's high levels of activity.

As the year began, Jacob Tierney, Tsar Royalé of Scientopia, proposed a merger between the dominating intermicronational organisations, the Countries United in National Trade (CUNT) and the Hontui Islands in Peace, in an effort to unite the community under a single organisation. Accordingly, the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) was founded on 5 January, with CUNT fully integrating into it on 17 January. Noted for its professionalism, judicial developments, activity and efforts at mediating conflicts between its member states, the GUM quickly grew in membership to become the principal intermicronational organisation of the community. Robert Lethler of Erusia, who had served as the organisation's second Chairman between 13 April–13 July, became a powerful and influential figure in the community, effectively holding a hegemony over the community, with the titular era being named after him. Under the leadership of third Chairman James Stewart, Grand Duke of Francisville (13 July–13 October) and Lethler who had been re-elected to a second term (13 October–22 December), the GUM too held a hegemony over the community, so much so to the point of effectively being seen as the community itself during September and October.

Conflicts and diplomatic crises plagued the first half of the year, as reflected by the named Conflict Era which lasted between 29 January to 2 August. Beginning with the declaration of the Siple War on 29 January over Antarctic territorial disputes between two micronations in particular, the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, it saw a large number of micronations and the GUM uniting against Westarctica, quickly growing to encompass the majority of the MicroWiki community. This was followed by an abnormally high amount of other micronational wars breaking out in March, leading to a huge deterioration in bilateral ties between numerous micronations culminating in a period of intense diplomatic tension that was retroactively dubbed Black March.

St. Charlie, Scientopia, Erusia and New Europe were often regarded as the "micronational superpowers" of 2009, due to the efforts of their leaders, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Robert Lethler and Wilhelm I respectively. Other micronationalists who were regarded as "community leaders" include Joe Foxon, King of Stigistan, Niels I of Flandrensis, Kalvin Koolidge, President of Petorio, Malum I (Joseph Marx) of the Ohio Empire, Ian II of Camuria, Timmy IV and Leopold Evans of Somple, and James Stewart, Grand Duke of Francisville.


Politics and diplomacy


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