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In the Republic of Petorio, Vehicle registration plates often referred to as license plates are used for identification purposes. The proposed system in Petorio would require all drivers to have registration plates on both the back and front of their vehicle. Each plate would display a serial number assigned to a specific vehicle for its lifetime and would identify the driver and information on the vehicle. Each province of Petorio would have different plates with designs unique to that province. The designs of the plates are based off of those of Canada and the United States. Below is a table of some proposed designs and information on the plates.

Image Province Year Design Slogan Serial format
Acadia 2010 Yellow on reflective green. "Acadia" in an arrow pointing west, in reference to the defunct nation of West Acadia that the province was annexed from. N/A ABC - 123. Personalization allowed.
Beachfront 2010 Sailboat N/A ABC - 123. Personalization allowed.
Charwood 2010 Blue on reflective yellow. The original province ABC - 123 or ABC - 1234. Personalization allowed.
Cooper 2010 Blue on reflective white. N/A ABC - 123. Personalization allowed.
Keystone 2010 Black and blue. Grass, a lake and the sun in the background to represent Agua Brilliante National Park. Natures province ABC - 123. Personalization allowed.
Nandor 2010 Green and blue. City skyline in the background. The urban province ABC - 123 or ABCD - 123. Personalization not allowed.

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