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Flag of Nandor.png
Languages spoken English, Spanish, Petorian
Date founded August 21, 2009
Population 169,000
Demonym Nandorian
Governor Drake Splinter

Nandor Province was the seventh province admitted to the Republic of Petorio. It was admitted in August 2009. It is by far the most urban province in Petorio. In Nandor there is a major city, an airport and residential neighborhoods.

Nandor is the most recent province admitted to Petorio being annexed in August 2009. Nandor is currently the most populous province in the Republic of Petorio.


An aerial view of a large portion of Nandor. Also in this photo, parts of Charwood and Cooper.

Nandor is bordered by a lake to the north, Charwood and Cooper to the east and the United States to the south and west. Nandor (left) is an extremely urban province and claims the central area of Rochester. The province is hilly in many areas and claims a beach.