Misty Miller

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Misty Miller
3rd Vice President of the Republic of Petorio
Assumed office
1 October 2009
PresidentKalvin Koolidge
Preceded byBarry Ortiz
2nd Governor of Beachfront
Assumed office
1 April 2010
Preceded byChristian Jakelson
Personal details
Born16 November 1990
NationalityCanadian, American, Petorian
Political partySocialist Party of Petorio
ResidencesBeachfront, Petorio

Misty Miller (born 16 November 1990) is the 3rd Vice President of Petorio and was the first minority leader of the Petorian Senate until the Parliament became unicameral. She is a very close friend who grew up with current president Kalvin Koolidge during the 1990s before moving to Canada with her family.


Annexation of Acadia Province

On January 28, 2008, Miller reported the founding of West Acadia, a micronation near her residence, to president Kalvin Koolidge. As West Acadia was rapidly annexing land, Gerald Armstrong, the leader of the nation, sent a message (via Miller) to Koolidge, insulting the Republic of Petorio.

Within days, Armstrong surrendered all West Acadian territory to Petorio, where it was renamed Acadia Province.

Energy Drink Act 2009

Miller was the major opponent of Energy Drink Act 2009, which banned all energy drinks in Petorio. The act was previously signed into law by president Koolidge, but she was determined to "destroy" it.

On April 5, 2009, the act was repealed.

Drug Act 2009

In May 2009, Miller introduced the Petorio Drug Act 2009, which makes drugs such as Heroin illegal. After a rewrite, Parliament passed the act on June 5.

Vice Presidency

Miller was appointed as Vice President on October 1, 2009 after Barry Ortiz resigned.

Preceded by: Member of the Petorian Senate from Beachfront Territory Succeded by:
office created December 20, 2008 - April 1, 2010 Senate abolished
Preceded by: 3rd Vice President of the Republic of Petorio Succeded by:
Barry Ortiz October 1, 2009 - incumbent


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