Joe Paulin

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Joseph Paulin

Paulin in 2013
1st Vice President of Petorio
In office:
October 15, 2008 - October 17, 2008
President: Kalvin Koolidge
Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Barry Ortiz
1st Governor of Keystone
Assumed office:
December 5, 2008
Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Incumbent
Born: 30 January 1993 (1993-01-30) (age 30)
United States
Nationality: American, Petorian
Political party: Not Affiliated
Spouse: None
Residence: Keystone, Petorio
Religion: Christian

Joe Paulin (born January 30, 1993) was the 1st and acting governor of Keystone Territory.

Preceded by: Vice President of the Republic of Petorio Succeded by:
office created October 15th, 2008 - October 17th, 2008 Barry Ortiz
Preceded by: Governor of Keystone Territory Succeded by:
office created December 5th, 2008 - incumbent


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