Petorian presidential election, 2008

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Petorio Presidential Elections, October 2008
Candidate Kalvin Koolidge Barry Ortiz
Political Party None Independent
Running Mate Chosen after election Chosen after election
Projected Vote (%) 53% 47%
Popular Vote 11 5
Percentage 68.75% 31.25%

The 2008 Petorio Presidential Elections took place on October 13, 2008, in the Republic of Petorio. The 2 primary candidates in this election were Kalvin Koolidge (no political party) and Barry Ortiz (PIP). These elections were to decide the first head of state of the Republic of Petorio.

Before Election

This was the first election in Petorian history; thus, there was no incumbent president, and it was called at a very short notice. The election was announced on October 10, 2008 (the day the Petorian constitution was ratified by the final province/territory), and there was little preparation time.

On the same day, the election was announced. Kalvin Koolidge and Barry Ortiz were chosen by 4 other Petorian citizens to run because they were both co-founders. In the following days, the 2 candidates told the voters why they believed they should be president. Since Kalvin Koolidge had no political party, he lost support.


Pre-election predictions

Candidate Predicted Vote (%) Political Party
Kalvin Koolidge 53.00% No political party
Barry Ortiz 47.00% Petorian Independent Party

Election results

Candidate Popular Vote (%) Political Party
Kalvin Koolidge 68.75% No political party
Barry Ortiz 31.25% Petorian Independent Party

After Election

Two days after the election on October 15, 2008, Kalvin Koolidge was officially inaugurated. He then picked his vice president; he decided to choose the cofounder and opponent in the election, Barry Ortiz.


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