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Flag of Cooper.png
Languages spoken English, Spanish, Petorian
Date founded September 26, 2008
Population 53,000
Demonym Cooporian
Governor Sebastian Russo

Cooper Province was the second province admitted to the Republic of Petorio. It was admitted in 2006 during the first incarnation of Petorio's nationhood. It is mainly an urban, residential province.

Cooper is currently one of the least important provinces of Petorio as it is made up of mostly residential property. Cooper is the 5th most populous province in the Republic behind Nandor, Beachfront, Acadia and Charwood.


looking into the Bosque from the south.

Cooper is bordered by Charwood to the north, Keystone to the east, the United States to the south and Nandor to the west.

Bosque National Forest is located in Cooper. Cooper is very hilly in many areas. There are roads that go through the south and northern part of the province that is claimed by the Republic. There is also much greenery in the province and there is wildlife. Poison Ivy grows on the floor of the Bosque National Forest.