Unified Socialist Party (Jailavera)

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Unified Socialist Party
LeaderLeopold Deuffpx
Founded26 January 2022
Merger ofUnified Socialist Communist Party (Jailavera)
Newspaper[L'Etincelle de la Vérité]
Youth wingYoungs Unified Socialists ( in french Jeunes socialistes unifiés )
Council communism
Worker democracy
Communist synthesis
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationUnified Socialist Front
ColoursRed, gold
SloganWorkers of all lands unite!
AnthemThe International
Party flag

The Unified Socialist Party (in french Parti socialiste unifié), officially called Unified Socialist Party - Jailaverian Section of Intermicronational of Workers (in french Parti socialiste communiste unifié - Section jaïlaveranne de l'Intermicronationale des Travailleurs) is the major party of Jailavera Since 18 April 2022. Leopold Deuff has served as Party Secretary since 18 April 2022.

The USP - JSImW promote Socialism, Communism, Worker democracy, and Communist synthesis. The party promote centrally-planned and cooperative economics.


Fondation and origins

The Unified Socialist Communist Party was founded on 26 January 2022. It's the successor of Jailaverian Communist Party.

First years

The Unified Socialist Communist Party began its activities with the leaving of Intermicronational Socialist Forum and the production of the chart of the Party.

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