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Kingdom of Stabilitas
National symbol of
National symbol
Anthem: "Greensleeves"
LocationSouthern United States, Antarctica
Largest cityKerensky City
Official languagesEnglish
100% Christian
GovernmentSimulationist micronation; unitary parliamentary monarchy
• Queen
Rachel Burklandssen
• Prime Minister
• Foundation
September 22, 2020
• 2020 estimate
Time zoneCentral Time Zone

Stabilitas, officially known as the Kingdom of Stabilitas, was a simulationist micronation located in the Southern United States. It was a parliamentary monarchy with Rachel the Curious as its Queen. The Parliament of Stabilitas did not form a government due to the absence of an election. Stabilitas claimed the Queen's bedroom and was divided into two cities: Flagside and Bedside, with Flagside being the capital of Stabilitas. Stabilitas also claimed Paulet Island as the Stabilitan Antarctic Territory. It claimed to be the successor of Burkland, although Stabilitas officially rejected communism, anti-Americanism, and secessionism. As of March 2021, Queen Rachel was the only citizen of Stabilitas.

Queen Rachel stated her intent to model Stabilitas after Burkland while embracing a monarchist rather than communist ideology. She has also stated she is inspired by the Commonwealth macronations of Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As of 2020, Stabilitas does not have relations with any other micronations.


The name Stabilitas comes from the Latin word stabilitas, which translates to stability in English. The name was chosen due to Rachel the Curious's belief that stability is an important attribute that should exist in every society.


Earlier micronations

Stabilitas claims to be the legal successor of Burkland and of the ComradeMr Republic, both micronations run by Rachel Burklandssen. Burkland was an unstable micronation that ceded its sovereignty to Zealandia and was then succeeded by Legatia, which joined Agrikesh. Burklandssen lost interest in micronationalism in early 2013, however she later created a Burklandi government-in-exile to appease former Burklandis who missed the micronation. It was largely inactive and dissolved in May 2018.

Earlier in 2020, Burklandssen declared her room, now the claimed territory of Stabilitas, to be a micronation named Raburkana. It didn't last long and was dissolved by Rachel Burklandssen through a vote consisting of only herself. Following an increased interest in international politics and a desire to redress what she saw as the harms caused by the Burklandi government, Rachel Burklandssen established the Kingdom of Stabilitas with herself as Queen.

Period of existence

Stabilitas originally only claimed Burklandssen's bedroom. However, it later expanded to claim Paulet Island in Antarctica. The main reason for the Stabilitan Antarctic Territory was to deburklandify Burkland's previous claim to the island. Stabilitas attempted to construct the Stabilitian Minecraft Territory in late 2020. However, the plan was aborted after the computer hosting it broke. In a spirit of deBurklandification, Queen Rachel the Curious, through The Crown, issued an apology for multiple different actions by the ComradeMr Republic and Burkland.

Stabilitas's early growth has been stunted by a lack of citizens other than the Queen and periodic inactivity by the Queen herself. Due to these problems, Burklandssen declared Stabilitas would cease to exist on 1 May 2021 13:00:00 UTC.

Politics and government

Stabilitas was a unitary parliamentary monarchy. The Crown, an institution embodied by the Queen, was the ultimate source of Stabilitas's authority. Stabilitas also had constitutional laws that served as the foundation of Stabilitan law and which Parliament could not alter.