Monarchy of Stabilitas

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Queen of Stabilitas
Flag of The Crown (Stabilitas).svg
Elizabeth Grotdot.JPG
Rachel the Curious
since 22 September 2020 (2020-09-22)
StyleHer Majesty
First monarchRachel the Curious
FormationSeptember 22, 2020
AppointerThe previous monarch

The monarch of Stabilitas was the head of state of the Kingdom of Stabilitas. The Queen of Stabilitas was Rachel the Curious. The Crown was the institution, embodied by the monarch, that was the ultimate source of the laws and authority of the Kingdom of Stabilitas. All citizens of Stabilitas, save for the Queen herself, were subjects of The Crown. However, Stabilitas was unable to acquire any other citizens.

Since Stabilitas was unitary micronation, The Crown in the right of Stabilitas was the sole sovereign authority in Stabilitas and The Crown did not exist in the right of any of Stabilitas's subdivisions.

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