Sport in the Dale Republic

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Football in Dale

The national sport in the Dale Republic is association football (soccer). This is why the Dale Republic has the Dale National Football Team which is very popular in the Dale Republic, and was used by the former Dale royal family as a way to futher increase the National population by finding players for the squad and other sports. The Dale Republic also has major interest in football from macronational countries including like that of England, Scotland, Spain and other macronational countries. Football in the Dale Republic is regulated by the Dale Football Association.

Woking League

The top virtual division of the Dale Republic replacing the Dale Premier League which played one season. The Woking league was created so the Dale Republic can send teams to take part in the 2011-12 VMFA Champions League. The league consists of 10 teams from the Dale Districts replacing those of the 12 teams from Dale Empire regions which played in the former Dale Premier League.

Dale National Team

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Churchill stadium the home of the national team

Created on the 3rd August by the former king, King Danny Clarke I and chairman of the Dale Football Association, James Hunt. The dale national football team is a 6-a-side and 7-a-side team made up of citizens of the Dale Republic including the former king and the DFA chairman. The home stadium of the team is the churchill stadium (or the Cage as its known) in the Winston Churchill School in the Woking region of the republic.

The team is managed by the DFA chairman James Hunt who is a massive fan of the local team Woking FC and the premier league team Arsenal FC, While the team captain is the former king himself Danny Clarke, Who is a fan of the merseyside team Liverpool FC and is very vocal with his support of the scouse side.


Dale Motorsport Team.png

The Dale Republic has gained interest on the 2nd of October with the founding of the Intermicronational Automotive Association (or IAA). Within the borders of the Dale Republic is the headquaters of one of the most famous formula 1 teams there is, Mclaren, this made the Dale Republic a very suitable place for the headquarters of IAA.

Mclaren f1 car.jpeg

Dale National Motorsport Racing Team

The Dale Republic uses the Dale National Motorsport Racing Team for its intermicronational races with the teams only driver being Danny Clarke. The official car used by the team for the IAA Formula 1 Micronational Championship is the Mclaren-Mercades because of the teams location in the woking micronation.

Tennis in Dale

Tennis is not as popular as football in the Dale Republic, but was given its own sporting association on August 8, 2011. It was quickly decided that tennis trials would take place to decide the tennis number 1 in the Dale Republic. It is hoped that members of the Dale National Football Team will compete in these trials, because they are currently the only sports players within the Dale Republic.

Golf in Dale

The local golf club

Golf is the least popular out of the three sports with associations in the Dale Republic, with only having one long time player of the game, but it is still very popular with the Dale citizen who plays the sport. On the 8th of August it was announced that the dale number 1 golfer is Dominic Smith, who also plays for the Dale National Football Team. The main reason for this is that he is the only current player of the sport in Dale.

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