Intermicronational Automotive Association

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Intermicronational Automotive Association
CategoryMotorsport/Virtual sport
Country or regionWorldwide
Formation2 October 2011
FounderDanny Clarke
HeadquartersWoking, UK (DR)
Inaugural season2011
Most championshipsTfoeflag.png Erephisia (1)
Officially dissolvedFebruary 2013
Replaced byFormula M

The Intermicronational Automotive Association, commonly known as the IAA was the highest class of Micronational auto-racing and the predecessor to the Formula M World Championships. The IAA was founded in October 2011 by Danny Clarke. Each IAA season consists would consist of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, held throughout the world in different micronations. The results of each race would be evaluated using a points system which at the end of each season decided the IAA World Champions. The IAA was responsible for the organisation and governance of automotive micronational tournaments in the MicroWiki sector, however becuase of cost and age of most micronationalist in the MicroWiki sector all races were done virtually.

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The IAA closed down halfway through the 2011 season, with all Grands Prix planned for the second half of the season having to be cancelled. In February 2013, Ken H took over the presidency from Danny Clarke. This was after Ken H asked about the IAA and after negotiations Danny Clarke allowed him to take over, saying "I give you (Ken H) permission to use the name and all images and files related to the IAA for your use". Ken H decided that as the IAA had not run since December 2011, he would close it down and replace it with the Formula M World Championships. The IAA was officially dissolved and replaced on the 14th February 2013.

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