Presidential Room of Briefing Emergencies

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The Presidential Room of Briefing Emergencies in its civilian configuration

Presidential Room of Briefing Emergencies (PROBE) is the name given to the presidential and military response office used by the Dale Montering and even just the president or military during times of danger of any scale to the Dale Republic, a member of the Dale Commonwealth or any of it's close allies. The room is quickly assembled from a civilian dining room to make it useful to the purposes required for PROBE. The Presidential Room of Briefing Emergencies can be manned solely by the President of the Dale Republic, the Dale Montering or important members of the Government.

PROBE meetings are generally held in the civilian dining room in the former Royal Dale Palace, which can be quickly turned into the required office depending on the nature of the meeting. The room normally used for meetings can be equipped with audio and video equipment able to display all infomation related to the current or required situation. The room used is located around the back of the former royal palace which itself is located on a natural hill allowing the room to remain secret and out of sight from unauthorised personnel even with the rooms large patio doors which fill nearly one wall.

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