Pavlovian Strength

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Pavlovian Strength
LeaderViscount of Royan
Membership  (2020)5
IdeologyPavlovian nationalism
Religious conservatism
Flat Earthism
Political positionFar-right
Official coloursPavlovian Blue
Council of State
3 / 13
Privy Council
1 / 5

Pavlovian Strength is a far-right Montescanesque political faction, founded in early 2020 by Lord Mar D'Israeli, Viscount of Royan with a declared aim of "emphasizing and protecting Pavlovian heritage". It follows an ideological platform comprised of "Pavlovian nationalism, religious conservatism, absolutism and Flat Earthism".

Pavlovian Strength was founded on 27 January 2020 following the passing of the "Political factions act" and is the second political faction in the history of Montescano. Although never recognized officially, the faction's name and logo are likely an allusion to Jewish Strength – a far-right political party in Israel.


The faction's ideology was outlined by Mar D'Israeli in his interview to the State Gazette following the foundation of the party, in which he called Montescano "a Pavlov that lost her splendor" and the current state of affairs in Montescano “a national humiliation that could only be compared to Germany after WWI”, referring to the downgrade from Empire to Principality.[1] Citing the threat of modernism, Mar D'Israeli announced his faction will push for criminalizing the "denigration of Pavlovianness", proclaiming the preservation of Pavlovianness the national priority, reintroduction of the old Pavlovian laws such as the Edict of Kolchaksaray, the ban on shaving, on not drinking vodka, the Women Protection Act, and the establishment of the Flat Earth theory as official and the only allowed in Montescano. Mar D'Israeli also announced the faction will seek to re-establish the Pavlovian Inquisition and the Oprichnina in Montescano, for the purpose of prosecuting crimes against faith.

Pavlovian Strength supports the authority of House of Tezdzhan-Smahin and calls the transformation of Montescano into Absolute Monarchy with all the factions including itself being eventually abolished. The faction's declared end goal is the "restoration of Pavlov of 2015" (the Empire of Pavlov), though it is unclear whether this means only the introduction of Pavlovian laws in Montescano or a full rollback to Empire status and the name Pavlov.

In terms of foreign policy, the faction advocates for a "pull out of YAMO’s", likely referring to the GUM of which Montescano was a member.

Relations with the Optimates

There's a significant ideological overlap between Pavlovian Strength and the Optimates, Montescano's largest faction: both can be described as staunchly monarchist, traditionalist and religiously conservative. Both firmly oppose secularism, progressivism, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, abortion, promiscuity, pornography and cultural liberalism. The Optimates received praise from Mar D'Israeli, who stated that Pavlovian Strength "agree[s] with the Optimates on most issues", but that the Optimates' "stop short of advocating a return to [the] golden era" and more drastic measures need to be taken in order to protect the Pavlovian identity.