Next Leppan general election

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General elections are scheduled to be held in the Republic of Leppa by 2026, corresponding to the maximum four-year mandate as specified by the constitution, depending on whether a snap election is called, as is almost always the case in Leppa. All 21 members of the Chamber of Deputies will be elected.

Next Leppan general election
← 2022 (chief executive) No later than 24 January 2026

All 21 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
12 (absolute majority)
11 (minimal majority) seats needed for a majority
Party Leader Current seats
LPP Shady Morsi 12
R-G Alan Amin 7
Athens Coalition (L - AVD - P - PIR - IND) TBA 2
LCP-PA J, Dunkerken 0
Leppa ED (blank).png
Incumbent Chief Executive
Shady Morsi

Chamber of Deputies

The 21 members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected in Northern Archipelago (7), the Southern Archipelago (7) and Kennedien (7). The constituencies by proportional representation, using the d'Hondt method, and The main threshold for levelling seats is 1%.(every 2 votes), Election lists are determined by parties; although voters have the option of altering the order of candidates or striking out particular candidates entirely and or run as a Independent candidate (Partijloze kandidaat) Parties can also run as an electoral bloc

Current parties

Political factions represented in the Chamber of Deputies

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) Election Symbol Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
People's Party
DOI logo (small).png
Shady Morsi
Social conservatism
Big Tent
National conservatism
Economic liberalism
12 / 21
Red-Greens Punaisetvihreät Punavihreät.png Alan Amin Social democracy
Green politics
7 / 21
The Liberals Liberal Liberal Party logo.png Youri Mulder Civil Libertarianism THEL
2 / 21

New Parties

New Parties that has declared to participate in the Next Leppan Elections

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) Election Symbol Seats in the District Assemblies
Alliance for Renewal and Democracy
Alliantie Vernieuwing en Democratie/Verenigd Democratisch Alternatief
AVD logo.svg
Political Reform
1 / 40
Leppan Christan Party - Protestant Appeal Leppan Christelijke Partij - Protestants Apppel Ichtus.png TBA Christian Democracy LCP
0 / 40
Progressives Progressieven File:DDDDDD logo.png TBA Egalitarianism
0 / 40


The election is conducted in the Chamber of Deputies, with each member receiving one vote. Either by secret ballot or by voice vote

The Chief-Executive has the following requirements: (a) is a citizen of Leppa ; (b) has attained the age of 18 years; and (c) is qualified to be elected as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Leppan Chief Executive Election
Template:Country data Flag of Leppa.png
← 2022

All 21 members of the Chamber of Deputies
12 votes needed to win
  Morsi22.png Jelmer.png Athenian Owl.jpg
Nominee Shady Morsi Jelmer Handgraaf TBA
Party LPP R-G Athens Coalition
Home state Flag of Toivonsaari.png Toivonsaari Flag of Kennedy City.png Kennedien TBA

Incumbent Chief-Executive

Shady Morsi

Delared candidates

As of 28 June 2022, Only 2 candidates declared their intention to run for Chief-Executive, Incumbent Shady Morsi who was elected in 2022 and runner up, Jelmer Handgraaf the incumbent mayor of Kennedy City

Candidate name, age,
political party
Political offices Campaign Details Registration date
Morsi.png Shady Morsi
Nonpartisan (endorsed by the, LPP)
Deputy for the Southern Archipelago
Morsi 2026 logo.jpg
Shady Morsi announced after his inarguration of Chief-Executive that he will run for re-election May 15, 2022
Jelmer.png Jelmer Handgraaf
Mayor of Kennedy City
Jelmer logo.png
Jelmer Handgraaf was voted to be the Red-Green nominee for Chief-Executive in order to prevent another split in the Red-Green ranks, Alan Amin the Incumbent Deputy Chief Executive endorsed him May 15, 2022


  • Stijn Dros, member of the Kennedy City Council and Leader of the AVD-VDA (Athens Coalition)
  • Timo Vink, Deputy for the Northern Archipelago and independent candidate for Chief-Executive in 2022 (Athens Coalition)
  • Youri Mulder, Deputy for Kennedien Leader of the Liberals (Athens Coalition)
  • Stijn Dros, member of the Kennedy City Council and Leader of the AVD-VDA(Athens Coalition)
  • Bzoo Ippy, Political Activist, Deputy for the Northern Archipelago and independent candidate for Chief-Executive in 2022


  • Alan Amin, Incumbent Deputy Chief Executive (endorsed Handgraaf)