1st Leppan Parliament

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The 21 members of the first Parliament were elected on 2022. The breakdown by party was as follows:

Former Parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies are the Freedom Party and the Libertarians who merged to form the Liberals

Members of the Chamber of Deputies

Party Name Constituency Note
Decleration of Independents/Leppan People's Party (12) Shady Morsi Southern Archipelago Chief-Executive of Leppa
Adem Benabou Southern Archipelago Caucus Leader
Joze Hernández Southern Archipelago Minister of Information
Jean de la Pierre Northern Archipelago
Mark Corsten Northern Archipelago Minister of Finance
Chris van Schaik Northern Archipelago Minister of Ecology and Environment
Jari van den Eijkel Northern Archipelago Minister of Health and Sports
Geoffrey Armfield Kennedien
Thor Stokvis Kennedien Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bzoo Ippy Kennedien Minister of Women and Girls
Member of the National Council for Women
Jordy Schepers Northern Archipelago
Christopher Lee Northern Archipelago Minister of Internal Affairs and Districts
Party Name Constituency Note
Red-Greens (7)
Alan Amin Kennedien Deputy Chief-Executive
Mazen Adarous Kennedien Opposition Leader
Chief van der Veen Southern Archipelago Keeper of the Parliamentary Mace
Sven Wigman Kennedien
Tjeed de Vriend Southern Archipelago
Bro Stel Southern Archipelago
Dilem Cetinkaya Southern Archipelago Chairperson of the National Council for Women
Party Name Constituency Note
Liberal (2) ex Freedom and Libertarian
Youri Mulder Kennedien Parliamentary leader and intrim party leader
Timo Vink Northern Archipelago Minority Leader of the Kivsiä District Assembly