Chamber of Deputies (Leppä)

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Chamber of Deputies
Coat of arms or logo
Scribble of the Chamber of Deputies
Christopher Lee, P
Deputy Chief-Executive/Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
Alan Amin, R-G
Political groups
  P (12)
  R-G (6)
  L (2)
  PW (1)
Meeting place
Chamber of Deputies, Kennedy City (de jure)
Chamber of Deputies, Messenger Group (de facto)

The Chamber of Deputies is the national parliament of the Republic of Leppä. There are 21 members elected to a four-year term in multi-member constituencies, apportioned among Leppa's traditional divisions Leppa has universal adult suffrage. The Chamber of Deputies consists of the Chief-Executive and the Chamber of Deputies. In contrast to other Parliamentary systems, the Chamber of Deputies. elects the Chief-Executive directly (instead of having both a ceremonial President and a Prime Minister who has real authority as head of government) for a set four-year term of office. A Chief-Executive can only serve 2 full terms. The Chief-Executive is both head of State and of Government in Leppa's parliamentary republican system. the Chief-Executive is the supreme legislative authority.


Seats by Region
Electoral District Seat Count
Kennedien 7
Northern Archipelago 7
Southern Archipelago 7


Political factions represented in the Chamber of Deputies

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) Election Symbol Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
People's Party
DOI logo (small).png
Shady Morsi
Social conservatism
Big Tent
National conservatism
Economic liberalism
12 / 21
Red-Greens Punaisetvihreät Punavihreät.png Alan Amin Social democracy
Green politics
7 / 21
The Liberals Liberal Liberal Party logo.png Youri Mulder Civil Libertarianism THEL
2 / 21


The Chamber of Deputies consists of the Chief-Executive and Chamber of Deputies. The Chief-Executive is a voting member of the Chamber of Deputies In order for a person to be eligible to be a member of the Assembly they must: be a citizen of Leppa , be 16 years old, is registered to vote, and is able to speak and read in English.

In addition to a CoD, Leppa also has a Chamber of Councilors. The Ntlo ya Dikgosi acts as an advisory body to the Chamber of Deputies This body consists of 12-150 members. In order to be eligible to be a member one must be 18 years old altough citizenship isnt required. The member is appointed as the Chief-Executives will. . This body possesses no legislative power, including approval or veto power, rather they advise the Chief-Executive and the Chamber of Deputies on bills and measures. The COD's powers are defined by the Constitution and they include: defining economic, legal and political relations in Leppa, preservation and use of its heritage and entering into alliances. The CoD has the right to deploy the Leppan Armed Forces abroad, and it may restrict some constitutional rights and liberties in wartime or in cases of imminent war or following natural disasters. The CoD amends the borders of Leppa or the Constitution, enacts legislation, passes the state budget, declares war and decides on cessation of hostilities, adopts parliamentary resolutions and bylaws, adopts long-term national security and defence strategies, implements civil supervision of the armed forces and security services, calls referenda, performs elections and appointments conforming to the constitution and applicable legislation, supervises operations of the Government and other civil services responsible to the parliament,

The Chamber of Deputies is charged in cooperating with the Chief-Executive in completing and voting on draft laws. Federal laws concerning budgets, customs regulations, credit monitoring, and the ratification of international treaties


Committees form a key component to the structure of the Chamber of Deputies. Sixteen committees and seven commissions exist for deputies to consider legislation and policy on a number of issues ranging from foreign affairs, federal affairs, and youth and sports. Leadership in these committees are determined by the Deputy Chief-Executive, who remains in correspondence with their findings. These committees include:

  • Committee on Constitutional Legislation
  • Committee on Judicial and Legal Affairs
  • Committee on Defence and Security
  • Budgetary Committee
  • Committee on Financial Markets and Currency Circulation
  • Foreign Affairs Committee
    • Microwiki Affairs Subcomittee
    • Nordic Affairs Subcomittee
    • Macronational Affairs Subcomittee
  • Committee on Federal Governance
  • Committee on Federal Affairs and Regional Policies
  • Committee on Local Government
  • Social Policy Committee
  • Committee on Economic Policy, Business and Ownership
  • Industrial Policy Committee
  • Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  • Committee on Food and Agricultural Policies
  • Committee for Science, Culture, Education, Public Health and Ecology
  • Committee on Ethnic Minorities
  • Commission on Standing Orders and Parliamentary Performance Organisation
  • Commission for the Council of Federation's Performance Maintenance Monitoring
  • Commission on Ways and Means of the Council of Federation's Constitutional Powers Implementation
  • Commission for Interaction with the Accounts Chamber of Leppa
  • Commission on Youth and Sports
  • Commission on Information Policy
  • Commission on Natural Monopolies

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