Alliance for Renewal and Democracy

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Alliance for Renewal and Democracy
Alliantie Vernieuwing en Democratie
LeaderStein Dros
Founded11 June 2022
Split fromDeclaration of Independents
IdeologyPolitical Reform
Anti establishment politics
Direct Democracy
Political positionsyncretic
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 21
0 / 6
District Assemblies
1 / 40

The Alliance for Renewal and Democracy is a liberal political party in Leppa. The party was formed by former DOI councilor and vice-mayor of Kennedy City Stein Dros. Opposing the current Leppan parliamentary system, The party was named after a 2003 Dutch political party with the same name

Positioned in the centre to centre-left of Leppan politics, the AVD ideologically draw upon both liberalism and direct democracy, the AVD wants to replace the current system with a directly elected president and governors, the main electorate is similar to the DOI but wanted to provide an alternative to potential that could not find themselves in the DOI's parliamentarianism. The party wanted to lead by example through democratic behaviour, honesty and openness, accountability to the voters themselves, Besides opposing the parliamentary system, the party is fiscally progressive.