Dissolution of the Kingdom of Wallenia

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Dissolution of the Kingdom of Wallenia
WDP cracks in the castle.png
a WDP cartoon, mocking the current political situation in Wallenia
Hung parliament following defections
ParticipantsParliament of Wallenia
Wallenian Monarchy
Medopolanian National Congress
Wallenian Citizenry
OutcomeDissolution of the Kingdom of Wallenia
Formation of the Medopolanian Republic

The Dissolution of the Kingdom of Wallenia was the process to dissolve the Kingdom of Wallenia. It marked not only the end of the Modern Wallenian state, but the end of the Wallenian state as a whole. The Wallenian government announced that the nation dissolution process will be executed on September 15, 2021, When King Joseph will address the nation to abdicate the Wallenian throne Although due to a clasule, Wallenia formally dissolved on August 16, 2021, the Principallities of Kronstadt and Klinkenberg dissolved on 20 August 2021

The main reason for the disintegration processes and the collapse of Wallenia is the lack of a national idea, collapse of the National Unity Government, constant reforms and inactivity from many citizens, and to a lesser extent COVID-19, and Kronstadt's lockdown Wallenian statehood is in a transitional state, in which all processes have become more active: both integration and disintegration.


The case for a new state within Wallenia was due with growing unrest and inactivity within the Nation, developing into an incessant political and legislative conflict between political parties and the central government,

At this time, Wallenia was in political instability since the SCF was formed after prominent Minister, Sloos and most of his allies where purged from the WLP, Expecting that the government will collapse, King Joseph and Grand-Governor Bosman met for a second time to discuss the future of the current Wallenian state. the government was safe until, Former Foreign minister Anuar Laddas, left and sat as an independent, the royal court had 9 seats, (WLP, 4, NP, 3 and NWCD,2) the united opposition had 8 seats

King Joseph has announced to retire soon due to his dislike for the Wallenian throne, (he preferred to make Wallenia into a democratic republic) Grand Governor Bosman said he was considering dissolving the legislature because of a lack of cooperation in Parliament, saying "all the signs indicate that this Parliament is at the end of its productiveness,", Another issue plagued Wallenia is inactivity and especially within Kronstadt, Chardonnay and Klinkenberg, Regent, Eray Serif said in a press conference that the "Wallenian state was extremely weakend due to its inactivity and hopes to recruit citizens are thrown out of the windows due to lack of intrest"

The House of Nobles met on June 8 with the former Monarch, Hendrik Kees I and former Grand Governor McKeiten to "look for an alternate state" Wallenia has about 61 registered citizens whereas 44 are active as of May 2021, However, in August, only 24 where still active and or committed to contribute to the current Wallenian project

The Kingdom of Wallenia by the time of the early 2020s was widely regarded by contemporaries, both inside and outside the state, as a highly "irregular" monarchy and "sick", having an "unusual" form of government. constant reforms and having a lack of consistency, (for example the Grand Governor used to be an appointed office but it was unclear who appointed the Grand Governor) Wallenia lacked a central treasury and its monarchs, formally elective rather than hereditary, could not exercise effective central control.

Dissolution Process of the Kingdom of Wallenia

To dissolve the state... the members of both the House of Nobles and the House of Delegates has to vote 2/3rd in favor. A vote of no confidence in the Wallenian state occurred on August 13. The vote was brought by opposition leader and falicitator of the NMC failed due to lacking a quorum (minimum 8 for the delegates and 5 for the lords), which was announced at 10:19 pm. The NMC seeks to have a legal dissolution for the Kingdom. King Joseph has asked parliament to dissolve and to hand power to Regent Sarif who will be acting head of state of Wallenia, Parliament refused however to handover their powers fearing more power abuse

Due to a clasule where the monarch can use powers to dissolve the nation with the approval of the Regent, King Joseph abolished the Wallenian throne making Wallenia de jure dissolved (since the Wallenian constitution forbids the existence of the Wallenian state without a monarch) Since the dissolution a new Government was established partial to legally dissolve the Counties and Prinicpalities and for foreign affairs.

13 August 2021
Vote of no confidence in the Wallenian State

Motion proposed by Del, Dylan Buitenhuis
Quorum: 8/17
Vote Parties Votes
checkY Yes
2 / 17
4 / 17
  • Labour Party (6)
  • Independents (3)
  • Democrat (1)
  • NWCD (1)
11 / 17

Popular Support

Bosman and Morsi met saying that the ammino to continue the current Kingdom was "extremely low" in a WDN sponsored poll about 47% voted for the dissolution of Wallenia 33% had no opinion on the matter and only 13% voted to retain the status quo. Many Wallenians desired the existence of a new independent state.

Proposed Sucessor States

Medopolanian Republic

Gunther Islands

Gunther Islands
Proposed state
Flag of Gunther Islands
Official languagesDutch
GovernmentFederal constutional republic
image_map =

The Gunther Islands was a last minute propospal by the Chairperson of the Klinkenberg Independent Group Intended as an alternative to Full dissolution of Wallenia, it would have transformed the rump Wallenia into a democratic confederation consisting of Klinkenberg, Dewallenia, and Kronstadt.

The proposal became moot when Kleverlaan joined the Medopolanian Republic