The Libertarians

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The Libertarians
LeaderMax Slotboom
Founded1 June 2022
Dissolved13 August 2022
Merged intoThe Liberals
Membership (2022)2
IdeologyCivil Libertarianism
Anarcho Capitalism
Political positionRight Wing

The Libertarians also known as the Libertarian Party was a libertarian party in Leppa founded in 2022 . Unlike tradtional libertarian parties The party subscribes soley to Civil libertarianism as opposed to economical libertarianism though Ancap factions are also present in the party. The Libertarians supports civil liberties, or which emphasizes the supremacy of individual rights and personal freedoms over and against any kind of authority (such as a state, a corporation, social norms imposed through peer pressure and so on) Cornerstones for the party is support for at least partial legalization of illicit substances (marijuana and other soft drugs), prostitution, abortion, privacy, assisted dying or euthanasia, the right to bear arms, youth rights, topfree equality, a strong demarcation between religion and politics, and support for same-sex marriage. The party is a junior coalition partner in the Morsi Cabinet with LP MP Youri Mulder being State Secretary of Crypto and Non-fungible Affairs. Making it the only Libertarian party that participate in a government coaltion. Altough they also work with the smaller Freedom Party on economical votes

In August 2022 the Libertarians merged with the Freedom party to form the The Liberals