Morsi Cabinet

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Morsi Cabinet
7th ministry of Campinia
Personal COA of Shady Morsi.png
Date formed 11 September 2016
People and organizations
Head of government Shady Morsi
Head of state Elias of Campinia
No. of ministers 10

The Morsi Cabinet, also called the Morsi-Buitenhuis cabinet has been the executive branch of the Campinian government since 11 September 2016. The cabinet is formed by the Campinian Conseratives The cabinet is a grand coalition cabinet in the Council of State


Office Name Political Views Term began
Grand Constable of Campinia Shady Morsi Conservative-Libertarian 30 August 2016
Deputy Constable of Campinia Dylan Buitenhuis Catholic-Conservative 11 September 2016
President of the Council of State Sven Wigwam Liberal 11 September 2016
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Shady Morsi Conservative-Libertarian 11 September 2016
Secretary of Internal Affairs Sander Hoogsteen Liberal 11 September 2016
Secretary of Envorimental Affairs Mark Dorlas Progressive 11 September 2016
Secretary of Defence Vacant Vacant N/A
Secretary of Health Tomas Iyan Conservative 11 September 2016
Secretary of Culture Tomek Sloekers Liberal 11 September 2016