Wallenian Royal Court

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Wallenian Royal Court
6th Government of Wallenia Cabinet of Wallenia
Jasper of Delarivebox
File Jasper Bosman (cropped).jpg
Date formed23 April 2021
People and organisations
MonarchJoseph, King of the Wallenes
Grand GovernorJasper of Delarivebox
Total no. of members16 appointments
Member partiesNonpartisan (Until 11 May 2021)

Status in legislatureSupermajority
Opposition partySolidarity
Opposition leadersTeun Kelder
PredecessorYsberger Government

The Wallenian Royal Court, also called the Jasper cabinet has been the executive branch of the Kingdom of Wallenia since 23 April 2021. It was exclusivly non partisan until the Sloos Amandment which lead to the reestablishment of political parties in Wallenia there was much fear that the Wallenian government would be dissolved.. in responce King Joseph allowed the formation of a coalition government with the three biggest politcal parties. Who where also the remnants of the political assosiations, until the next election


Office Name Political Party Term began
Grand Governor Jasper of Delarivebox Labour 23 April 2021.
Deputy Grand Governor and Minister of Financial Affairs Bas Zwanenburg National 23 April 2021.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Najim Oumejjoud Labour 23 April 2021.
Minister of Internal Affairs Anuar Laddas Labour 23 April 2021
Minister of Envorimental Affairs Dennis Lee Labour 23 April 2021
Minister of Defence Samuel Bakker National 23 April 2021
Minister of Health Max Hoogenveen National 23 April 2021
Minister of Culture Brente Bosman NWCD 23 April 2021