Labour Party (Wallenia)

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Labour Party
LeaderJasper, Prince of Delarivebox
Founded11 May 2021
Membership  (2020)11
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positioncenter-left
International affiliationInternational Labour Group (Viadalvian Commonwealth)
House of Delegates
4 / 17
House of Nobles
0 / 14
Commonwealth Council
2 / 5
(Wallene seats)

The Labour Party is a social-democratic political party in Wallenia. It is one of the two major contemporary political parties in Wallenia along with the National Party.

Established 2 hours after the Sloos Amandment and formed from the former Ploughs and Rozes Political Assosiation , the WLP is by far the oldest existing political party represented in the House of Delegates Currently the WLP is in coaliton with the Nationals and New Wallenia as a demissionary unity government until the Next Wallenian general election


The WLP originated in the formation of the former Ploughs and Rozes Political Assosiation.. they where the biggest caucus in the former citizens council After the Sloos Amandment most of the P and R Delegates joined the new Labour Party soon a meeting the demand for a new political party to represent the interests and needs of the urban working class, a demographic which had increased in number, Some members of the trades union movement became interested in moving into the political field, and after further In addition, several small socialist groups had formed around this time, with the intention of linking the movement to political policies. They elected independent social democrat and incumbent grand governor Jasper, Prince of Delarivebox as its leader and chairman

Party platform

A Labour campaign poster, Promoting Jasper Bosmans canidacy for Grand Governor

The WLP began as a traditional social-democratic party, committed to building a welfare state. However it moderated its programme to include capitalistic economic positions, including reform of the welfare state and privatisation of public enterprise. the WLP moved soon economically more right wing, Minsiter of Foreign Affairs, Laddas who is a member of the WLP said that "we make Biden look like Mao Zedong in comparison"

While the party supports social equality, enviormentalism and progressive causes, the WLP Manifesto is a general outlook on the direction of the party would like to mirror itself and is an extension of the party's foundational principles. The election programmes are more oriented to practical politics, for example, winning the elections on-the-day and by any means possible. The last WLP Manifesto of the WLP was published It developed a broad outline around the themes of democracy, security, freedom and citizenship, along with a vision of the future of party's internal structure.

Foreign Cooperation

The WLP has 2 out of 5 seats in the Commonwealth Council of the Viadalvian Commonwealth. Along with the Brocharian Labour Bund it forms the International Labour Group in the CC,

Election results

Party leadership