2022 Leppan chief executive election

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Leppan Chief Executive Election

15 May 2022 (2022-05-15)

Majority of the Chamber of Deputies
Nominee Shady Morsi Alan Amin Jelmer Handgraaf
Party IJ R-G R-G
Running mate Edis Prasovic Mariëlle Zuijderduijn Alan Amin
Electoral vote 6 5 5

Nominee Bzoo Ipbyy Timo Vink
Party Independent Freedom
Running mate No candidate No candidate
Electoral vote 3 1

Chief Executive after election

Shady Morsi

Chief-Executive elections are held in Leppa on May 15, 2022 elect a Chief-Executive and a Deputy Chief-Executive for a four-year term. Altough there where five candidates declared to run for Chief-Executive Morsi took advantage of the Red-Green split, Although the constitution required an absolute majority of votes (12 votes from the Chamber of Deputies) it is decided that the first elections should be held with a plurality as it was necessary for a president to be elected immediately and processes taking place in the country did not leave time for elections to be held.


The election is conducted in the Chamber of Deputies, with each member receiving one vote. Either by secret ballot or by voice vote

The Chief-Executive has the following requirements: (a) is a citizen of Leppa ; (b) has attained the age of 18 years; and (c) is qualified to be elected as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies.



  • Shady Morsi, (DoI) Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Micronationalist and political activist
    • Running Mate Edis Prasovic, Leppan Ambassador to the former Yugoslavia
  • Alan Amin, (R-G) Member of the Chamber of Deputies,
    • Running Mate Mariëlle Zuijderduijn ,candidates girlfriend,
  • Jelmer Handgraaf, (R-G) Mayor of Kennedy City
    • Running Mate Alan Amin
  • Bzoo Ipbyy, (Independent) Private Citizen
  • Timo Vink (F) Member of the Chamber of Deputies,


Chief-Executival Campaign

6 candidates declared to run for Chief-Executive. This set off a desperate scramble among several candidates to win the chief-executive. A good deal of the excitement of the chief-executival race came from the fact that the candidates had only one hectic day to campaign among the deputies before the voting began. The two leading contenders were Shady Morsi and Jelmer Handgraaf, However an insurgent run by Amin who attacked Handgraaf as a "sellout social democrat", saying that he could not be trusted to protect Worker's interests and accusing the sitting Mayor of affiliating with captialists, Handgraaf belonged to the social democratic faction of the red-greens

Morsi ran as an experienced micronationalist, A micronationalist since 2011 he highlighted his experience in governing micronations, recruting citizens and foreign relations He questioned Handgraaf's necessity of the expanding the nation's government During the campaign period, each presidential candidates published their own roadmap, dubbed as that lists governing plan and proposed policies to be implemented after being elected Chief-Executive. Soon after two debates took place The first debate took place at 14:00 The final debate took place at 19:00.

- Morsi

- Amin

- Handgraaf

- Ippy

- Vink
  • Integration means participating here
  • Love, fun and good food central to elderly care
  • There will be a new European treaty
  • Trade agreements and treaties are under review
  • Foreign relations focused on Nordic micronations
  • Anonymous leather factories are being demolished
  • Fight against human traffickers. Asylum application through the UNHCR refugee camps
  • From social assistance to work position
  • Healthcare must become affordable and accessible
  • The services provided by the states (levies and fees) are cost-effective as much as possible.
  • The protection of the Earth, ecosystems and a respectful treatment of animals.
  • A pluralist society where everyone can participate in freedom. The state combines openness with a sense of community.
  • Strengthening the international rule of law, in order to ensure peace and respect for human rights.
  • Recognition of Kurdistan as an independent state
  • Abolishment of capitalism in Leppa
  • Strengthening Leppan position in micronational community by joining intermicronational organizations
  • Establishment of diplomatic relations
  • a tolerant society in which we accept each other.
  • a caring society in which we look out for each other.
  • a learning society in which we utilize everyone's talents.
  • a sustainable society where we have to think about our environment.
  • a just society, promoting international justice]].
  • Directly-elected Mayors
  • Abolishment of the parliamentary system
  • Sending delegates to the Nordic Council
  • Sanction Russia
  • Banning of political parties,
  • Directly elected chief-executive,
  • Harsh punishment of violence against Jews and the LGBT community,
  • Deportation of criminals having foreign nationality or multiple citizenship back to their country of origin, after a prison sentence
  • Abolition of the Chamber of Councilors

Vice-Executival Campaign

After the election of Morsi as Chief-Executive, the Vice-Executival Campaign began between, Alan Amin and Bzoo Ipbyy. Ipbyy was endorsed by Morsi but was defeated by Amin


Shady Morsi won the majority to be elected Chief-Executive. president while Amin won the Vice-Executival race.. , This is mainly due to the Red-Green split between two candidates, Had the Red-Greens nominated one candidate then the Red-Greens would won the won the Chief-Executival, (10, 6, 4)

Turnout for the election was 95% with 1 deputy not present. Shady Morsi was inargurated shortly after

Bzoo Ipbyy's surprising 3 points electoral victory and the collapse of Timo Vink's campaign in the presidential elections represents a significant shift in the Oegstgeestian nation's political landscape. In a field of candidates dominated by 2 frontrunners, Ipbyy ran as an anti partisan, decentralized federalist platform. She questioned the necessity of the expanding of the centralization of the government and the constant oversight of the government and civil society associations by the security agencies.

No. Candidate Votes (Number)
1 Shady Morsi 6
2 Alan Amin 5
3 Jelmer Handgraaf 5
4 Bzoo Ipbyy 3
5 Timo Vink 1
total 20 out of 21 95%