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LeaderAlan Amin (party chairperson)
Martijn Oudenhoorn (parliamentary leader)
Founded11 May 2022
HeadquartersKennedy City
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Eco Socialism
Social Democracy
Political positionFar-left
Chamber of Deputies
7 / 21
1 / 6
District Assemblies
10 / 40

The Red-Greens is a democratic socialist political party in Leppa. It is one of the two major state parties in Leppa along with the Declaration of Independents. is an eco-socialist political party It is the furthest left-wing party in the Chamber of Deputies, the Leppan parliament, advocating for socialist democracy in Leppa and internationally.

Party platform

The party describes itself as a socialist and democratic grassroots party, which claims also to represent green politics, peace movement, anti-discrimination, and trade union movement. The party is entirly modeled on the Danish Red Greens altough the Leppan party is always spelled with a hyphen The Red-Greens began as a traditional social-democratic party, committed to building a welfare state.

While the party supports social equality, enviormentalism and progressive causes, the R-G Manifesto is a general outlook on the direction of the party would like to mirror itself and is an extension of the party's foundational principles. The election programmes are more oriented to practical politics, for example, winning the elections on-the-day and by any means possible. The last R-G Manifesto of the R-G was published It developed a broad outline around the themes of democracy, security, freedom and citizenship, along with a vision of the future of party's internal structure.

Election results

Party leadership