Athens Coalition

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Athens Coalition
Founded12 August 2022
HeadquartersKennedy City
Membership (2022)6
IdeologyPolitical Reform
Direct democracy
Political positionSyncrrtic
Chamber of Deputies
2 / 21
0 / 6
District Assemblies
6 / 40

The Athens Coalition is a political coalition in Leppa of reformist political parties It was named after the city state of Athens as a reference to Athenian democracy as Athenian democracy was direct, rather than representative: The Coaltion consists of six parties - the Liberal Party Alliance for Renewal and Democracy, Progressive Party, Pirate Party, Toivonsaari Nationalists, and several nonpartisan independents It was formally formed on 12 August 2022 The coalition states that they "fight for a democratic , free and prosperous Leppa", The coalition Opposing the current Leppan parliamentary system, while also opposing the "complicit" Red-Greens The Athens Coalition portrayed themselves as the "True Leppan opposition" The Coalition has 2 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, Taken by the Liberals and 6 seats in District Assemblies (2 LIB, 2 TN 1 AVD and 1 Nonpartisan)