Greater Lukland Province

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Greater Lukland Province
Flag of Greater Lukland Province
Coat of arms of Greater Lukland Province
CountryFlag Kingdom of Lukland. Kingdom of Lukland
Established18 August 2020
 • Governor (Temporary)Luke I
 • Total000,001 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
 • Land000,001 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC +1 - winter UTC +2 - summer

Greater Lukland Province it was one of the three provinces of the Kingdom of Lukland. Province was established under the Administrative reform. Province has located in the center of the country. Province was disbanded around February 17.

The province has the second largest province of Lukland. History of the province is closely related to the history of the country.


In front of

There was a field and a barn in the province. After a few years the area was overgrown and the area as we know it was formed

The beginnings

The declaration of independence was signed in the province of the old maple in the vicinity of the town. On June 16, the provinces of tofika and the provinces of shogun were created, but the law was not ratified.

Present times

Around 1 August, four communes were formed which, under administrative reform, united in the province of the great Lukland.


The provinces are quite flat. Loess is under the province. The climate is fairly temperate in the province.

Cities and towns




Main road of the Kingdom of Lukland.

A number of paths run through the provinces. 90% of the main road (paths) run through the provinces

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