Conflict over the Drygalski Island

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Conflict over the Drygalski Island
Date16 October 2020 - 2 November 2020 (19 Days)
Drygalski Island (de iure) Online (de facto)
Result Lukland has relinquished rights to Drygalski Island.
Commanders and leaders
Luke I Ivan I

The conflict over the Drygalski Island started on October 16, 2020. It started because the Lukland government discovered that a new member of the AMU. - Kingdom of Brienia, claims one island to which Lukland claims.


Lukland, not knowing about the claim of the Kingdom of Brienia, put forward claims to Drygalski Island. On October 16, the Government of Lukland discovered Rosczneia and then the negotiations began

Peace offer

A peace offer sent to Brienia, which Brienia probably did not sign.

On October 29, Lukland sent a peace offer. Most likely she did not sign Brienia. Brienia only wrote back the sound of We support, thank you


Negotiations started on October 17 at 19:33. The negotiations ended at 21:49.

Preliminary results

Lukland will give up one island in favor of the Kingdom of Brienia and in return will get 10 km² of Drygalski Island. It was also established that Brienia can get a small territory in Poland. After several hours, Kingdom of Brienia declined the offer of peace.


The King of Lukland condemns this conflict, and from the point of view of time, considers the conflict redundant and it could have been resolved differently. It is possible if the TSA had helped Lukland earlier, the conflict could have ended earlier without territorial losses on both sides.