Szogunpolis Capital Province

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Szogunpolis Capital Province
Flag of Szogunpolis Capital Province
Coat of arms of Szogunpolis Capital Province
CountryFlag Kingdom of Lukland.Kingdom of Lukland
Capital City Szogunpolis
Established16 June 2020 (Historically), 31 August 2020 (Nowadays)
 • GovernorLuke I
 • Total<1 km2 (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC+2

Szogunpolis Capital Province (in Polish: Prowincja Stołeczna Szogunpolis) was one of the three provinces of Lukland. Province de iure was ruled by the Royal Cabinet though it was not actually ruled by anyone by a King. Province was disbanded around February 17.

The province was located on the border with Poland. Szogunpolis was located in the province.


The name of the province comes from the city of Szogunpolis. The city is the capital of the Kingdom of Lukland so that is why the name of the province is Szogunpolis Capital Province.


The province was established on June 16, 2020 by decree. On August 1, the King of Lucland was crowned in the province. On August 31, the province was re-established. since then the province has been ruled by the Royal Cabinet.


The province is bordered by Poland (20m) and administratively bordered by the Province of Great Lukland (33m) Poland, Lubelskie Province (20m). Lukland is characterized by flat terrain.


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