Royal Army of Kingdom of Lukland

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Royal Army
Armia Królewska
Royal Army of Lukland
Royal Army Arms (Unofficial)
Founded27 September 2020
HeadquartersSzogunpolis, Kingdom of Lukland
Commander-in-ChiefLuke I
Military age10+
Active personnel1
Deployed personnel0
Budget15 USD (54 Złoty) (the budget spent on the army before the establishment of the royal army was taken into account.)
Percent of GDPunknown

The Royal Army (Polish: Armia Królewska) Long name: Royal Army of Kingdom of Lukland (Polish: Armia Królewska Królestwa Luklandu) was established in 2020 by order of the King. The army was loyal to the Kingdom of Lukland and the King.


Originally established as the Lukland Defense Forces. On September 27, the Lukland Defense Army was disbanded and the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Lukland was appointed in its place. Military laws and military insignia have been developed since November. On January 31, the King of Lukland announced the merger of the Royal Police and the Royal Army in 2021.The army was disbanded on June 27, 2021.