First Oblate Convention

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The First Oblate Convention was a formal video conference hosted by Matachwan on 8 October 2020. It was directed by Chris Miller.


The conference was set to begin on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 15 EST but was postponed two hours due to popular demand. It was postponed once more by the director and finally took place on Thursday 8 October at 17 EST. The conference lasted roughly one hour.


The attendants discussed various topics including but not limited to; addressing toxicity in the community, questioning the legitimacy of reincarnated or "continued" nations or titles such as the case with the "micronational Holy Roman Empire" as well as claimed "imperial spheres of influence" of certain nations which spans roughly 3.5 continents. The attendants continued to talk about general seriousness within the community if it should allow itself to joke around with things such as TOES or Bobism or ridiculous and unenforceable legislation. The conference continued in a discussion about the term "micronation", what it means to the attendants and the nations they represent, and the many divisions that qualify under that term, from plush toy presidential elections to the independence movement and everything in between.


Briefly was also brought up the foreign relations between the attendants, the following conversation laying the grounds for the Second Oblate Convention to officially document and define the qualifications through which a micronation could be called serious and legitimate.


Nation Representative Status
Matachewanian Grand Flag.png Grand Kingdom of Matachewan HM Brandon I Active
IMPREPFLAG.jpg Imperial Republic of Eiru Imperator David I Active
ISSR Flag.jpg People's Republic of Adonia Andrew Franson Active
 Republic of Wendatia HE President Jonas Rhymer Active
Flag of Elysium.png Republic of Elysium Prime Minister Adam Johnston Active
Chris Miller Active
Brienian flag.svg Kingdom of Brienia HHRM Ivan I Spectating
Talaustein.png Principality of Talaustein HS Charles I Spectating
Flag of Humberlea.svg Kingdom of Humberlea HM Nicholas I Spectating
Atiera flag.svg Kingdom of Atiera HM Munroe I Did not attend
Flag of Elysium.png Republic of Elysium Chancellor Robert Smith Did not attend
Flag of Elysium.png Republic of Elysium Johannes Tyurukstein Did not attend
 Grand Duchy of Rascia HGDH Lazar I Did not attend
ArgentoriaFlag.jpg State of Argentoria Prince Benson I Did not attend
The Flag of The Begonian KaiserreichSVG.svg Kingdom of Begonia HRM Christopher I Did not attend
Duchy of Andsel HM Hans I Did not attend
Private Aidan McGrath Did not attend
Private Alvin Matthews Did not attend
Private William Wilson Did not attend