Faltree-Ausveria relations

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Faltree-Ausveria relations relations
Map indicating location of Faltree and Ausveria



Relations between the State of Faltree and the Ausverian Volksrepublik began on 25 April 2021, after both nations signed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Cooperation.[1] Relations began between the two nations due to the Ausverian Civil War, where Faltree offered to back the Ausverian Loyalists and signed a treaty with them.


Relations between Ausveria and Faltree began informally at an unknown date and would not be strengthened until the Tungsten-MACP War wherein Ausveria was a co-belligerent with the Wohlstand Vereinigung, a supranational union that Faltree was apart of. Following the dissolution of Wohlstand a newly resurgent Faltree would maintain light informal relations with Ausveria. An actual step forward in relations would not begin until the outset of the Greater Aleunnic War. Ausveria supported Faltree in the war which was eventually won, but no formal relations would develop yet. It took the creation of Gayveria and other conflict to truly begin formal relations between Faltree and Ausveria. Powell was apart of the Gayverian military until 1 April 2021 after he nuked the Gayveria server due to grievances with how the nation was ran. Later during the course of the Ausverian Civil War Powell founded the Artistic League of Ausveria, a faction that he would eventually dissolve after signing a treaty with Ausveria. This treatise served as the beginning of formal relations between Ausveria and Faltree, thus beginning relations between the two nations. Faltree gifted territory to Ausveria as a sign of good-will, this territory eventually being organized into the Ausverian Reichskommissariat of Catainia. Ausveria supported the Faltrian invasion of Providence Rock, and entered the Faltrian-Kapresh War in order to support Faltree.


 Ausveria  Faltree
Coat of Arms AusverianCOA.svg Coat of arms of Faltree.svg
Flag Flag of Ausveria.svg Flag of Faltree.svg
Continent North America North America
Capital and largest city Brittany New Havre
Government Single-party dictatorship Semi-democratic Autocracy
First Head of State Chancellor Fredrick M. Commander Hunt Powell
Current Head of State Chancellor Fredrick M. Commander Hunt Powell
First Head of Government None Interior Minister Jacob Deceuninck
Current Head of Government None Interior Minister A.Y
Official languages English, Italian, German, Polish English