Empire of New Prussia

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Empire of New Prussia
Greater Coat of Arms of Empire of New Prussia
Greater Coat of Arms
Motto: Gott mit allen
God with all
Anthem: (Imperial Anthem) Heil dir im Siegerkranz
(National Anthem) Auferstanden aus Ruinen

Lesser Coat of Arms
Largest cityTipton, Grand Duchy of New Oldenburg
Official languagesEnglish, German
Demonym(s)New Prussian
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
August IV
• Chancellor
August Harms
• Vice Chancellor
Colton Harms
LegislatureNew Prussian Imperial Parliament
Establishment25 May 2018
• Counted Citizenship Certificates census
29 (32 Including Honorary Citizens) (2024)
CurrencyNew Prussian mark & US dollar
Time zoneUTC-06:00

The Empire of New Prussia is a Federal Parliamentary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy that has five constituent states and one Crown Dependency. The Sovereign of this empire is Emperor August IV. The constituent states of the empire are, Kingdom of New Bavaria, Kingdom of New Saxony, Grand Principality of New Hanover, Grand Duchy of New Oldenburg and the Archduchy of Southwest Clinton. The Kingdom of Biberdamm is now the only New Prussian Colony, as of 1 March 2023 due to Joint Decree X. The Crown Dependency of Clinton is the only Crown Dependency of New Prussia so far. In this country, pets of any kind can become citizens, for example, Princesses Coco who is a Chihuahua and Dolly who is a Boston Terrier are citizens and government ministers.


New Prussian wasn't always an empire. A timeline has been created by the emperor that shows when each state was created and who where the previous rulers, this timeline is fictional. When the emperor united the Kingdoms of Biberdamm and New Bavaria, the emperor decided to expand his country, so he created the Kingdom of New Saxony on 25 May 2018, which is west of New Bavaria and it is a mixture of 3 towns, and the Grand Principality of New Hanover on 3 June 2018 because he had some relatives who live north of New Bavaria. Then he created the Crown Dependency of Clinton on 2 July 2018 because he found 2 relatives who live near the Iowa-Wisconsin border. The latest edition to the empire was the Earldom of Wheatland which was founded on 8 February 2019, disestablished on 25 September 2019, then reestablished on 27 May 2021 as a town in the Kingdom of New Bavaria and is now a Viscounty. 1 June 2022, a new state was created to extend the borders of New Prussia called the Grand Duchy of New Oldenburg. In this empire, each monarch can choose their successor but they have to be within the Imperial family. New Prussia has its own religion called New Prussian Catholicism which has been established 28 September 2019. On 14 November 2021, the empire decided to create a brand new Imperial Coat of Arms that is August IV's own design with some help of a coat of arms creating website. On 21 November 2021 the New Prussian Assembly unanimously voted to take down New Prussia's website due to frustrations on creating new pages and maintaining it, the decision was approved by the Emperor. On 16 July the Assembly passed it last three Bills establishing the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and the Political Party Register. Also on 16 July, a new Constitution Bill was being discussed in the Assembly and was passed. The Constitution that has been passed on 16 July abolishes the New Prussian Assembly and Imperial Decree XV established the New Prussian Imperial Parliament which is based off of the British Parliament. On 1 March 2023, the Kingdom of Biberdamm is no longer a state, but now a Colony via Joint Decree X. Imperial Decree XXI established a new 5th state the Archduchy of Southwest Clinton. On 1 July, 2023 Princess Coco was chosen by the Chancellor, August Harms, to be the first ever non-human Vice Chancellor. Sadly a member of the Imperial Family passed away in November 2023, becoming the first active New Prussian citizen to pass away. On 18 November 2023, a new party was formed for politicians who have centrist ideals and beliefs. So August IV created the Moderate Party, with magenta (mixing red and blue) as their color, and the star as the symbol for the new party.

States and Territories

Flag Arms Name Annexed Population Official(s)
Kingdom of New Bavaria 1 September 1895 (De Jure)
25 May 2018 (De Facto)
10 Head of State (King)
August IV
First Minister
August W. Harms
Kingdom of New Saxony 25 May 2018 4 Head of State (King)
First Minister
Grand Principality of New Hanover June 3, 2018 5 Head of State (Grand Prince)
First Minister
Grand Duchy of New Oldenburg June 1, 2022 0 Head of State (Grand Duke)
First Minister
Archduchy of Southwest Clinton 8 March 2023 0 Head of State (Archduke)
First Minister
New Prussian Colonies
Kingdom of Biberdamm 18 March 1862 (De Jure)
25 May 2018 (De Facto)
5 Head of State (Queen & Governor General)
First Minister
Crown Dependencies
N/A N/A Crown Dependency of Clinton July 2, 2018 2 Lord Commissioner
N/A N/A Territory of Mount Vernon & Lisbon February 18, 2024 0 Governor
Eugene R. Harms


The government of the empire is federal parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy meaning that the Monarch is the overall head of state according to the constitution. There is a legislature to help run the Empire, to help the Emperor and to make laws and that legislature is called the New Prussian Imperial Parliament. As of July 16, 2022, there is an official written constitution.

Political Parties

There are only two political parties in the empire called the Conservative Party of New Prussia and the Democommunist Party of New Prussia, both were founded on 16 July 2022, and the Moderate Party founded on 18 November 2023. All political parties are allowed to participate in any, some, or all state legislatures including the national legislature. There are also Independent Politicians who are not members of any political party who have there own ideals and beliefs.

List of political parties in New Prussia
Name Party President/Chairperson/Leader Ideology Members in the Imperial Parliament
Conservative Party of New Prussia August Harms Conservatism
3 / 7
Democommunist Party of New Prussia August Harms Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
5 / 7
Moderate Party of New Prussia August Harms Centrism
Big Tent
3 / 7

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers is an advisory body to the Monarch consisting of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Ministers, who are the heads of the nation's federal executive departments of the government of the Empire of New Prussia, who advise the Monarch in regards to the Government.

Council of Ministers
Title Department Incumbent Took Office
Chancellor Head of Government August Harms July 17, 2022
Vice Chancellor Deputy Head of Government Colton Harms November 1, 2023
Minister of Foreign Relations Ministry of Foreign Relations August Harms July 17, 2022
Minister of the Treasury Ministry of the Treasury Ann Harms July 17, 2022
Minister of the Armed Forces Ministry of the Armed Forces Colton Harms July 17, 2022
Minister of Homeland Security Ministry of Homeland Security Dolly Harms November 1, 2023
Postmaster Minister Ministry of Post, Archives and Media Vacant N/A
Minister of Environmental Affairs Ministry of Environmental Affairs Vacant N/A
Minister of Culture Ministry of Culture Vacant N/A
Minister of Education Ministry of Education Vacant N/A
Attorney Minister Ministry of Justice Eugene Harms November 1, 2023

National Holidays

  • January 1: New Years Day
  • February 2: Groundhog Day
  • March 17: Bier Day
  • April 1: Day of the Dead
  • May 25: Independence Day
  • June 1: Armed Forces Day
  • July 4: American Appreciation Day
  • July 8: Kaiser Day
  • August 10: National Pet Day
  • September, First Monday: Labor Day
  • October 4: Technology and Space Day
  • November, Fourth Thursday: Thanksgiving
  • December 25: Christmas


The New Prussian Armed Forces are the military of the Empire of New Prussia. The Monarch holds the titles of Lord Marshal, Lord Admiral, and Captain-General of the Imperial Guard.

Civil Awards


Civil Decorations/Medals

  • New Prussian Civil Merit Medal
  • New Prussian Lifesaving/Bravery Medal

External links

To become a citizen or if you have questions, contact the Emperor at: NewPrussia18@gmail.com

Or contact the Chancellor at this email: ChancellorNewPrussia@gmail.com

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