Kingdom of New Saxony

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Kingdom of New Saxony
Flag of New Saxony.png Flag

Instrumental version of Deutschlandlied [1]
Cedar County, Iowa United States of America
Capital cityClarence
Largest cityMechanicsville
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Christianity
DemonymNew Saxon
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
- The KingKing Colton
- First MinisterVacant
LegislatureNew Saxon Congress
- Type - Unicameralism
- Number of seats - 4
Established15 March 2018 as the State of New Saxony
25 May 2018 as a kingdom
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zoneUTC-05:00

The Kingdom of New Saxony is constituent country in the Empire of New Prussia. According to tradition set down by Kaiser August IV, the heir to the Imperial throne will get the title King of New Saxony. The recipient must be at least 5 years of age.


New Saxony first started of as a state in the Republic of New Prussia, it was founded and established March 15, 2018 when the republic was founded. When the republic became a crowned republic under "Wilhelm III", it was still a state. New Saxony became a kingdom on May 25, 2018 when the Empire of New Prussia was born. The heir to the New Prussian Imperial throne will be granted the title of King of New Saxony and will have the option to change their name, the recipient must be at least 5 years old.

Civil and Military Awards

  • Order of the Crown Prince

List of Monarchs

Image Name Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Relation to previous Monarch House
King Colton February 11, 2019 Incumbent Throne Established House of Terlisner-Harms